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8 New Restaurants To Try In Palm Springs


New beginning for these Palm Springs restaurants.

Cactus flowers are a perfect metaphor for our hometown. They represent a diverse array of beauty and resilience, some of them flourish during the nighttime hours, and spring is when they bloom anew.

This season is especially robust for our community. Palm Springs’ proverbial petals are opening safely and assuredly, casting their brilliance for the world to behold. A number of gathering places are reopening according to local and state protocols, providing sustenance and satisfaction to visitors who are ready to embrace the good life again.

New beginnings demand coffee, and the most joyful java in town is steaming forward at Café La Jefa. Owner Erika Flannery is known as the “gifted mad scientist” responsible for the tantalizing menu options. Along with her husband Mike, Erika starts your day with the precise percolating perk you require. Gaze up from the open-air terrace to enjoy a side of mountain views with your brews. When it comes to Palm Springs dining and drinking options, the sky truly is the limit. [ 750 N Palm Canyon Drive ]

cafe la jefe

To vanquish an all-day appetite, check into Sam’s Place. Their apple pancake is our pick for a perfect breakfast nosh. If you’re looking for lunch, nothing stacks up quite like Sam’s array of burgers. From the zesty ranch onions atop the Yellowstone Burger to the Mediterranean allure of The Mad Greek, these patties bring your taste buds on a culinary whirlwind tour. Don’t forget the fries – Loaded Buffalo Chicken Fries, to be more accurate. Piled high with three cheeses, bacon, and scallions, then drizzled with spicy sauce, you’ll have spuds to spare, so why not share (although you won’t want to)! [ 155 South Palm Canyon ]

Speaking of sauces (and when AREN’T we?), the festive flavors are flowing at El Patio Palm Springs. Simmer in mole majesty, rock some guac, and go loco for their adobo. Cool off your pleasantly singed palate with a watermelon-tomato salad and prepare for the main event: tacos galore! El Patio has pioneered the art of complementary taste sensations. The Vallarta Taco melds mozzarella and bacon with buttery, garlic-grilled fish and shrimp. Or you could opt to give your seafood the La Paz treatment: this savory delight is slathered in beer batter and lovingly fried before mingling with coleslaw, rice, beans and a sriracha aioli. [ 139 E Andreas Rd ]

el patio palm springs

Swipe your proverbial passport for a trip to bountiful and experience the wonders of Peruvian Fuego. This fusion eatery builds upon a classic foundation of Aji Amarillo style offerings, and creates magic from there. With unconventional fare like Linguini Stir-Fry Sirloin, the menu embodies the spirit of reopening. A meal at Peruvian Fuego is a bracing blast of everything we’ve been missing, from the thrill of travel to the hug of hospitality. [ 1751 N Sunrise Way Suite F1 ]

Peruvian Fuego palm springs

You are welcome, in every sense of the word.

Renovated And Re-Imagined

Many Palm Springs establishments used their downtime to make themselves over. After all, we may never get back to the old normal, so why not work together to make the new normal extra amazing?

Loco Charlie’s knows what we’re talking about. The scintillating surroundings glow with candy colored décor, reflecting the splendor of its delectable dine-in presentation. From the Campechana to the Albondigas to the Chili Relleno Burrito, Charlie’s is expressing a renewed commitment to smiles by the mile. [ 1751 N Sunrise Way Suite F5 ]

Loco Charlie’s palm springs

Wanna wash down that robust realness without leaving your furry friend at home? Unleash great times at Boozehounds, a dog-friendly saloon in the heart of Palm Springs. Let’s face it, our pets provided necessary TLC throughout the past year, so they deserve a round of belly rubs on the (dog)house. Located where Dinks once served up its signature sassiness, Boozehounds is the ideal end to any ruff day. Go for walkies and rest your tail at the ultimate destination for paws, pints and puns (apparently)!

boozehounds palm springs

Friendly New Faces

When the going gets tough, the tough get an upgrade. A century ago, the world emerged from a world war and a devastating pandemic, responding with an era of delirious prosperity and frivolity. Well now, the Roaring 20’s are back, and they are located firmly at Bar Cecil. The central philosophy of this throwback gin joint is simple: yes, and plenty of it. Yes to life, yes to laughs, and yes to libations paired with sinfully scrumptious foodstuffs. It’s the cat’s pajamas! [ 1555 S Palm Canyon Drive ]

bar cecil palm springs

Rocketing back to the future, we can span decades of deliciousness without leaving the convenient embrace of Palm Springs. The here and now is heating up at 1501 Uptown Gastropub. The new kid in uptown blends rustic aesthetics with refined vittles, vino and vitality. Nibble on bar bites, feast on full meals, and refresh all of the above with a bespoke bar list that’s sure to satiate your whistle. [ 1501 N Palm Canyon Drive ]

1501 uptown gastropub palm springs

So, raise a glass to the spirit of reopening done right. Palm Springs isn’t rushing into the next phase of social gatherings because this era is designed to last. You will explore at your own pace, and we’ll set the table for your arrival, whenever it may be.


By Kevin Perry

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