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Minerva’s at Life House

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Minerva’s is located at the Life House Palm Springs Hotel. They try to tell a true story through the lens of a protagonist who unites the environment, the architecture, the menu, the music, the décor, and beyond. It’s described as a Hollywood starlet’s midcentury desert hideaway with a pool house, bar and restaurant.

Minerva’s Spaces

Complete with multiple rooms and lounging areas, Mīnerva’s feels more like a friend’s pool party rather than a bar or restaurant. They offer two spaces.

Minerva’s Indoor Apothecary

Their discreet, indoor apothecary provides a nighttime reprieve when the sun begins to set, serving replenishing cocktails and fulfilling dishes until late into the night.

Minerva’s Pool House

The poolside hideaway and garden clubhouse offer reservable sunbeds and cabanas, in addition to a full-service dining area and a lime-washed bar. A limited number of sunbeds are reserved exclusively for hotel guests. It also offers a lunch garden patio with plush seating and nurturing fire-pits.


A day-to-night celebration of California’s bountiful offerings, Mīnerva’s draws inspiration from the resilient flora of the Coachella Valley, reimagining familiar favorites with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Each dish has been crafted to be sustainable, featuring locally sourced ingredients that guests can feel good about. This ethos extends to their beverage program as well. Their cocktails, ranging from poolside refreshments to evening elixirs, are crafted with ingredients grown in their garden to minimize bar waste.

Breakfast (7 am – 11 am) – Apothecary: Enjoy morning selection of a garden oasis bowl, avocado toast, California scramble, sunrise sandwich on croissant, or almond hot cakes served with coconut whip and blueberry compote.

Lunch (11 am – 5 pm) – Pool Bar: Fresh salads and greens include their house garden salad, West Cost Bibb, and signature beet poke with house crispy rice. Handhelds include a vegetarian warm spinach wrap, house burger wit Havarti cheese and caramelized onions, and swim club.

Dinner (5 – 10 pm) – Apothecary: You can order from the lunch menu with the addition of three specilaties available only for dinner. These include a sun roasted maitake steak (mushroom), house camarón (shrimp) served with a plancha potato brick, and a bourbon honey glazed beef filet.


Late Night Drinks (10 pm – midnight Thur. – Sat. & until 10 pm Sun. – Wed.) – Apothecary


Who is Minerva?

Minerva Hamilton Hoyt was a remarkable woman whose passion for nature and conservation led her to become a prominent figure in the preservation of California’s desert landscapes, particularly Joshua Tree National Park.

In her early years, Minerva developed an interest in horticulture and gardening. She became an accomplished garden designer and a member of various horticultural societies. However, it was her move to Southern California in the 1920s that sparked her connection to the desert landscapes.

Minerva tirelessly worked to educate the public about the importance of desert conservation. She organized field trips, gave lectures, and wrote articles to promote the beauty and ecological significance of the California desert. With her persuasive advocacy and eloquent speeches, she caught the attention of influential individuals and organizations.

In 1934, Minerva played a vital role in the establishment of Joshua Tree National Monument (now Joshua Tree National Park). She lobbied Congress, spoke at public hearings, and used her connections to garner support for the park’s creation. Her efforts were successful, and Joshua Tree National Monument was officially designated in 1936 and a National Park in 1994.

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