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Jersey Mike’s Subs

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When it comes to hearty, flavorful sandwiches, few can rival the mouthwatering creations at Jersey Mike’s Subs. With their commitment to quality ingredients, authentic recipes, and a touch of that East Coast charm, Jersey Mike’s has become a go-to destination for sub-lovers across the nation. Visit the Jersey Mike’s Palm Springs location.

A Slice of History

Jersey Mike’s Subs traces its roots back to the humble beginnings of a small storefront in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Founded in 1956 by Mike Cancro, this family-owned deli quickly gained a loyal following due to its commitment to handcrafted, fresh subs. Over the years, Jersey Mike’s has expanded into a beloved franchise, with over 2,000 locations nationwide.

Freshness is Key

One of the hallmarks of Jersey Mike’s Palm Springs is their dedication to using only the freshest ingredients. From premium cuts of meat to locally sourced vegetables, every component of their subs is chosen with care. Their bread, baked in-house, is an essential part of the sandwich experience. With a soft yet sturdy texture, it perfectly complements the fillings without overpowering them.

Signature Subs that Wow

When you step into a Jersey Mike’s Palm Springs, you’re greeted by an enticing array of sub options. Their menu boasts a variety of signature subs, all made to order with love and attention to detail. From classic Italian cold cuts to mouthwatering steak and cheese, each bite is a flavorful adventure. Don’t forget to try their famous “Mike’s Way,” a combination of onions, lettuce, tomatoes, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and oregano that adds a zesty touch to any sub.

Customization for All Tastes

At Jersey Mike’s Palm Springs, personalization is key. Whether you prefer hot or cold subs, vegetarian or meat-packed varieties, they’ve got you covered. Each sub can be tailored to your liking, allowing you to add or omit ingredients, choose from different cheeses, and select your preferred condiments. It’s this attention to detail that ensures every customer gets their perfect sandwich.

Giving Back to the Community

Beyond serving up delicious subs, Jersey Mike’s Subs is dedicated to making a difference in the communities they serve. Through their annual Month of Giving initiative, they partner with local charities to raise funds for important causes.
Jersey Mike's sub

Jersey Mike’s has undoubtedly made its mark in the world of sandwiches, delighting customers with fresh ingredients, tantalizing flavors, and a commitment to giving back. Whether you’re craving a classic Italian sub or looking to explore their menu for new taste adventures, Jersey Mike’s Palm Springs is sure to satisfy.

Open 10 am – 9 pm daily.

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