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Quadz, in the heart of the Arenas District, has become a favorite destination for music enthusiasts within the LGBT community. Quadz video bar is a unique sing-along spot that offers an unforgettable experience with its eclectic selection of classic and obscure music video clips. As you enter this lively venue, you’ll be greeted by talented VJs who curate an immersive and inclusive musical journey for all who enter.

A Haven for Music Lovers

Quadz caters to the musical tastes of the LGBT crowd, providing a safe and welcoming environment where people can connect through their shared love for music. In addition to its renowned selection of classic video clips, Quadz offers an exciting twist for theater enthusiasts – Broadway show tune sing-alongs. This unique experience transports patrons into the world of musical theater, providing a space where fans of Broadway can come together, sing their hearts out, and celebrate the magic of these iconic songs.

Unforgettable Sing-Along Atmosphere

One of the most exciting aspects of Broadway show tune sing-alongs at Quadz is the opportunity to unleash your inner performer. As the crowd belts out familiar verses and harmonizes with fellow theater enthusiasts, inhibitions melt away, leaving only the pure enjoyment of collective expression. It’s a chance to be part of a larger theatrical ensemble, bringing the magic of Broadway to life in a genuinely interactive and immersive setting.

Community Building Through Music

The beauty of Broadway lies not only in the enchantment of the shows themselves but also in the sense of community they create. Quadz Broadway show tune sing-alongs foster this feeling of togetherness. Attendees bond over shared love for characters, storylines, and the enduring power of musical theater. The event becomes a celebration of unity, allowing strangers to become friends through the magic of music.

Quadz embraces and celebrates diversity, making it a cherished space for individuals from all walks of life. It fosters a sense of inclusion and unity, where everyone can come together through the universal language of music. The bar is a testament to the vibrant and accepting spirit of Palm Springs and serves as a vital hub within the LGBT community.

The Arenas District’s Vibrant Scene

Located in the lively Arenas District, this video bar adds to the district’s dynamic nightlife scene. With its prime location, it is an essential stop for locals and visitors alike who seek both entertainment and camaraderie. The surrounding area boasts an array of restaurants, clubs, and shops, providing ample opportunities for a memorable night out.


Monday – Saturday, open 2 pm – 2 am. Opens at 1 pm on Sunday.

Happy Hour all day Tuesday, Wednesday, & Sunday. Drink specials 2 – 8 pm the rest of the week.

Ask the bartender to see the Tuesday Tiki specialty drink menu.

Check for weekly events.

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