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Panda Express Sunrise

Asian Dinner


Panda Express Sunrise 

When ordering, decide how hungry you are.

Bowl: 1 side and 1 entrée

Plate: 1 side and 2 entrées

Bigger plate: 1 side and 3 entrées

Family Meal: Includes 2 large sides and 3 large entrees

Iconic Orange Chicken

No visit to Panda Express is complete without indulging in their iconic Orange Chicken. Bursting with flavors, this dish features crispy chicken chunks tossed in a tangy and sweet orange sauce. The perfect combination of tender meat and bold flavors has made this dish a fan favorite.

Savory Beijing Beef

For those craving a hearty beef dish, Panda Express offers their delightful Beijing Beef. Known for its rich and savory taste, this entrée features thinly sliced beef stir-fried with bell peppers and onions in a zesty soy-based sauce. The tender texture and harmonious blend of flavors make it a must-try option.

Classic Kung Pao Chicken

If you’re a fan of spicy food, the Kung Pao Chicken at Panda Express is sure to tickle your taste buds. This sizzling dish combines diced chicken with peanuts, green onions, and red chili peppers, all stir-fried to perfection in a robust Kung Pao sauce. The result is a tantalizing medley of flavors that packs a spicy punch.

Flavorful Honey Walnut Shrimp

Seafood enthusiasts will find bliss in Panda Express’ Honey Walnut Shrimp. Featuring succulent shrimp coated in a creamy mayonnaise and honey glaze, topped with candied walnuts, this dish delivers a perfect balance of sweet and savory. The combination of textures makes it an instant hit among seafood lovers.

Nourishing Wok-Fired Shrimp

For a lighter option, Panda Express offers the Wok-Fired Shrimp. This healthier alternative features plump shrimp wok-fired with an assortment of vibrant vegetables such as kale, zucchini, and red bell peppers. Seasoned with a delicate garlic sauce, it’s a delicious choice for those seeking a nutritious meal.

Kids Menu

Include choice of an orange chicken or broccoli beef served with fruit side, white rice, super greens, and kid’s juice (or water).

Panda Express food on a plate

Open Tuesday – Saturday 9:30 am – 10 pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

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