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Hidden Dining Gems in Palm Springs Resorts

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Discover Palm Springs Resort Dining

Confession time: how much do you absolutely love hotels? The fresh linens, the firm pillows and the friendly atmosphere coax you into a lullaby of relaxation and restoration.

But in Palm Springs, the resort experience goes beyond the bedroom and into a holistic journey of all five senses. Our hoteliers want you to feast on satisfaction… literally. That’s why they offer some of the great dining experiences in town, not just for hotel guests, but for everyone.

So, check in for an exhilarating stay and check out these hidden restaurants in Palm Springs resorts.

Stay Like a Queen, Eat Like a King

As any great cook will tell you, presentation is everything. You want to look down at your plate and gaze at a visually stunning tableau. But what will you see when you look up?

King’s Highway at Ace Hotel provides an aesthetic smorgasbord of midcentury diner chic. The swooping ceilings are positively retro-futuristic, yet the foodie fare is squarely in the here-and-now. Both the roadside restaurant and its adjacent bar, The Amigo Room, feature intermittent entertainment offerings like jazz performances and the occasional drag trivia, so dig in for great times galore!

kings highway

You Have Arrived

Sure, dinner tables are welcoming, but they’re nothing compared to a swimming pool place setting. Splash your way over to the poolside eatery at Arrive Palm Springs for an ocean of satiation. Be sure to wash down your food with a properly chilled cocktail, or enjoy a joyful java treat at Cartel Coffee Lab.

Dessert? Glad you asked! NomNomNom ‘til you drop at Shop(pe) Ice Cream. Oh, and did we mention that all of these delish destinations are all within the comfy confines of Arrive? Why venture far and wide when it’s all happening inside? Well, we have a few answers to that question – let’s continue our tasteful tour…

arrive ice cream shoppe

Like. A. Boss.

Now that we’ve got a taste for margaritas, let’s keep the party flowing! El Jefe at the Saguaro mixes an intoxicatingly complex variety of drinks, including the spicy guava margarita and the coffee margarita. Wake up to wonderfulness!

Be the boss of your taste buds with El Jefe’s mouthwatering menu of fresh, fulfilling tacos and tortas. That’s a lot of alliteration, so now we need to whet our proverbial whistle at our next opulent outpost!

El Jefe seating

Get the Royale Treatment

Inside the Villa Royale resort, you will find a portal back in time. Saturated colors usher you into a throwback reality and warm lighting bounces off the ice cubes clinking lazily in your cocktail tumbler.

Welcome to Del Rey. This den of indulgence evokes a speakeasy serenity, with signature libations that dance on your palate in shades of honey, gin and citrus. The tapas-style noshes range from refreshing salads to succulent steaks. Transcendence is served.

Del Rey patio

Chi Chi = Yum Yum

Reserve your own bungalow and savor the good life at the Avalon Hotel. Chef Alex Fregoso helms their bespoke restaurant, Chi Chi, bringing his years of experience into a cauldron of culinary adventure.

Mediterranean flavors mingle with stateside staples to elevate your palate. Be sure to leave room for dessert; our favorites include the rose petal pistachio crumble and the baklava crisp.

chi chi dining area

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

While we’re on the delectable topic of burgers and booze, be sure to waste away the day at Margaritaville Palm Springs. They have refined island living and transported it to the convenience of the Inland Empire. Imbibe like royalty while enjoying a buffet of laid-back vacation vibes.

From their two cafés to their festive bars, Margaritaville is your passport to casual drinking and dining. Located in the hearty heart of uptown, you’ll be perfectly positioned to explore the town at will (once you’re fully fueled up with food).

Margaritaville cheeseburger

Peruse the Parker

With half a dozen food & drink enclaves strewn about its picturesque grounds, The Parker prioritizes gratification. Start the day with a lemon custard donut at Norma’s.

norma's at the parker

Pair it with a thirst-quencher from the Lemonade Stand.

parker lemonade stand

Keep the liquid festivities bubbling at Mini Bar and/or Counter Reformation, and top it off with either a gourmet meal at Mister Parker’s or an intimate rendezvous at Mrs. Parker’s.

When your whirlwind meal parade winds down, catch some Zs and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

piano in restaurant mister parker

Take a Walk on the Ingleside Estate

No trip to Palm Springs would be complete without a stop at Melvyn’s. Perched inside the effortlessly stylish Ingleside Estate, Melvyn’s has roots that reach all the way back to 1975, when Frank Sinatra patronized its hallowed layout.

In the spirit of vintage esteem, try the Steak Diane or duck breast prepared with a coffee coriander rub. Close your eyes and allow the flavors of old Palm Springs to whisk you back to the very foundations of resort life.


 How Sweet It Is

Ending on a light note, enjoy the summery sips and snacks at Azucar. Located in La Serena Villas, this airy eatery won’t weigh you down during your stay. Their seafood fare is sensible yet substantial. For example, don’t let the mesquite swordfish get away!

And for a sublime nightcap to your gastronomical voyage through Palm Springs, be sure to venture upstairs to Azucar’s rooftop, appropriately nicknamed Sugar High. Diverse color schemes entwine themselves around you as you toast to the San Jacinto Mountains surrounding your perspective.


Your hunger has officially been put to bed. Cheers!


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