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Palm Springs Certified Farmers’ Markets

Where Local Flavors Flourish

Every Saturday morning beginning at 8 am, the Palm Springs Certified Farmers’ Market  brings local farmers and vendors together to showcase the fruits of their labor.  The market features farm fresh fruits and vegetables and artisan food products. Other items include such things as herbs, cheese, pastries, honey, nuts, olive oil, and fresh cut flowers.

During October through May, the market is outdoors at the Palm Springs Cultural Center, who also helps sponsor the event. In warmer months (June – Sept.) it moves indoors to the Palm Springs Pavilion (401 S. Pavilion Way), just a couple of blocks away.

certified farmers markets

Community Based

Palm Springs has such a really wonderful and vibrant community,” declares Lauren Wolfer, Program Director of the Cultural Center.  And here we have just a gorgeous, fabulous, international resort destination. But at our core, it is a small town and you really feel that experience at the Farmers’ Market. We have just an amazing customer base. People really treat our market like a grocery store. They come every week and they have their favorite farmers and their vendors and they really support us.”

Community is a two-way street, and the Certified Farmers’ Market collaborates brilliantly with the many organizations that fall under its loving umbrella.

“As a nonprofit, we support other nonprofits,” says Kari. “We invite others to come and table during our Saturday Farmers’ Market event. So you can meet the vector organization from the city, or the Master Gardeners to answer questions.”

Chiming in pleasantly, Lauren continues, “Any money that is spent at the Farmers’ Market, anytime you choose to buy your groceries at a Farmers’ Market, you are directly putting money in the hands of the people who made your food and getting to meet the person who’s directly responsible for growing or raising your food. And that keeps that money here in the community. And not only does that have really profound ecological benefits, it really strengthens those community ties. Everybody eats.”

Multi generational farmer team holding wood boxes with fresh organic vegetables -farmers market

More Than Fruits & Veggies

The Palm Springs Certified Farmers’ Markets is mostly comprised of small family farms from all over the region. They produce some of the freshest, most nutritious produce that’s available in the region.

But if you’re thinking that the weekly event is merely a collection of fruits and vegetables, think again! “We offer fish,” announces On-Site Farmers’ Market Manager Kari Kalinich. “We have a brand new vendor, the Robynn Joy Company, and she makes just really exquisite candles and bath and body products.

Farmers Market Robynn Joy candles
Credit: Robynn Joy

She also has remarkable nut brittles and toffee that are made with a special recipe to make them non-GMO. Most others are made with corn syrup, which is a big GMO product. So she has this really amazing candy that she’s developed specifically for the Farmers’ Market customers.”

Punctuating her enthusiasm, Lauren notes, “So we have something for everyone.”

Keeping It Seasonal

In late summer through fall, enjoy a wide range of apples. Apricots are more abundant late spring through early summer. Artichokes, spring and again early fall. Arugula is available all year, but best in spring and fall.

“In the summertime, different farmers will have beautiful stone fruit, beautiful melons,” swoons Lauren. “We have fresh corn. All of these seasons are short, so folks need to hurry in because that’s part of the beauty of it. Something will come into ripen and it’s brought to market, and then that might just be for a few weeks. But we have fantastic gourmet mushrooms that are grown here in the Coachella Valley.”

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Many resorts in Palm Springs include kitchenettes, if you are so included to stir up a colorful and fresh meal. Others have refrigerators, allowing you to create healthy salads or stock up on local fruit for a later snack. Fresh baked bread and artisan cheeses also make a great packed lunch to enjoy at the new downtown park.

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