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48 Hours: Boutique places to Eat, Stay and Play

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Palm Springs Boutique Places and Spaces.

The ideal vacation is a harmonious balance of sin and serenity. You pay too much for a garishly guilty excursion if you go too far in one direction. Veer the other way, and you’re stuck camping in some boring, remote locale.

The perfect medium is a getaway that keeps you connected and cozy—an escapade tailored specifically to your boutique tastes.

Welcome to Palm Springs.

We are the capital of cool for a reason, and a 48-hour stay in our fair town will broaden your horizons without breaking your budget. Palm Springs is a melting pot that simmers with the best international cuisine, SoCal sophistication, and desert exploration.

Palm Springs Boutique Hotels

To experience this orchestra of luxury at full volume, book a stay at Arrive Palm Springs. This mixed-use marvel celebrates the contours of haute modernism with rooms that cushion your arrival in a tsunami of lush accessories. After an initial pampering, go to the shops to enjoy gourmet ice cream or decadent coffee. Or, in the historic tennis neighborhood, you’ll find gems like Amin Casa,  Korakia Pensione, and Orbit In, all offering unique experiences.  See the complete list of small resorts and Inns. There are over 50 to choose from.

arrive pool

Put that protein to great use by hopping on a complimentary bike and perusing the fashionable Las Palmas neighborhood. Shop, sip, or get artsy at one of the many galleries within a half-mile radius of your resort, but be back in time for more fun.

Palm Springs Eats

If you’re a night owl, sample a who’s who of foodie fantasies at Fisherman’s Market & Grill. Seek out one gastronomical gem, in particular: Shanghai Reds Oyster Bar. Over the years, it has harvested rave reviews, including visits from culinary luminaries like Rachel Ray and the late Anthony Bourdain.

Happy Saturday! Now, you don’t need to wake up early, but the kitchen crew at Chi Chi is already bright-eyed and baking up a storm. You’ll go wild over their homemade banana bread. Or perhaps you would prefer to indulge in healthiness with the Avalon Breakfast, named for the upscale resort where Chi Chi so stylishly resides.

Cool break! Languish in the pool for an intoxicating beat before immersing yourself in our next adventure…

Your 48-hour boutique safari continues with a transcendent architectural tour courtesy of the Palm Springs Mod Squad. Mingle with masters like Albert Frey, Donald Wexler, and Hugh Kaptur, and beat the heat with Mod Squad’s exclusive interiors tour. Don’t just admire architecture; live it…

mod squad

…and taste it! The MidMod Café is the perfect lunch enclave for what you crave. Your appetite has been raging since the midcentury, so send it back to the Rat Pack era and then get inspired with a vintage shopping spree in Uptown. Work your way from The Frippery to Iconic Atomic and get lost in their finds.

Let us guess: you’re hungry again. That’s why we like you! Well, fear not because Sandfish Sushi and Whiskey combines bold flavors and refined execution. Visionary food-smith Engin Onural ranks among the best 30 sushi chefs in the world, and he’s bringing his unique spin on beverages and boutique dining to your table.

As the day breaks on even more culinary possibilities, get sweet on Azúcar. Named for the Spanish word for sugar, this charming eatery has an observation deck called Sugar High from which you can greet the morning… but they are so much more than desserts. Nestled cozily in La Serena Villas resort, Azúcar offers succulent menu surprises like their Duck Egg Omelet, so put it on your bill! You still have a few hours left to explore.

la serena

If you miss a swim at La Serena, splash to another festive pool: Caliente Tropics. It’s a tiki takeover of a destination, with playful décor and island hospitality so authentic that you’ll forget you’re in the desert.

As your 48 hours dwindle down to cherished memories and a promise of your return trip, enjoy more shopping at Palm Springs boutique Plaza Del Sol or an artisanal nosh at Kreem, but don’t fill up on dessert; something sweeter lies ahead.

For your last meal in Palm Springs, the choices are as vast as they are conveniently located. That’s right, just across the street from one another, you’ll find the Italian comfort cuisine of Il Giardino. The latter serves elevated Sicilian fare with a Northern twist and a generous dose of gorgonzola, which they import directly from their family back in Novara, Italy. Fabulous Palm Springs boutique eats.

il Giardino lazagna

These complementary kitchens illustrate the dazzling dichotomy of boutique Palm Springs. Worldly but familiar, intimate yet epic, our hometown crafts a perfect two-day stay for the two (or more) facets of your vacation persona. Reconcile your wild side with your inner Buddha and feed them both heartily during a 48-hour adventure in Palm Springs.

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