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Space: The Family Frontier

Plan Your Next Vacation to Spacious Palm Springs

By Kevin Perry

In a typical year, families spend their summer vacations in cramped cabins and packed airplanes, clamoring for any attempt to get closer. But 2020 is not a typical year. Quarantine drove us all a bit stir crazy. We want – nay, NEED – to get away from the claustrophobia of the past few months, and Palm Springs provides ample breathing room for the whole brood.

The Royal Family

Your home is your castle, but after being stuck indoors all season, that moat is beginning to lose its charm. Throw down the drawbridge and conquer the Inland Empire! Palm Springs offers a kingdom’s worth of vacation rental options. Every member of the family can stretch out in a private room, or convene in the sprawling gathering spaces of these mid-century marvels. The rental companies in our health-conscious hometown are well aware of your wellness concerns, so they go the (social) distance to keep you safe and happy.

Dining Out… Way Out…

Now that the table is set, we can feast on fabulous foodie fare. The kitchen in your private Palm Springs estate is ready to whip up fantastic meals at a moment’s noti— Wait, hold up. Who wants to cook on vacation? You’ve worked hard enough to feed those hungry mouths through the lean times, so now let someone else drive the gravy train. Kids love pizza and parents love keeping the piece/peace. Kill two birds with one delicious stone by giving everyone what they want. Whether you feel like cruising curbside or summoning delivery, rock the Palm Springs cuisine scene like a machine!

If a day/night on the town is more your flavor, get out and go for it. We have a whole menu of eateries festooned with open-air seating. Gaze out at the arid vistas while quenching your thirst for variety. From Mexican to modern American to Mediterranean and more, Palm Springs is the capital of spacious dining.

Lulu California Bistro patio dining with misters

Never a dull moment for the family

Entertaining the troops can be a real battle, but Palm Springs has endless horizons where you can hike, bike, and “like” your way through a selfie paradise. Social media will be jealous of every pic you post, so start snapping! Mornings are made for adventure, so begin the day with a family hike. The higher you climb, the cooler it gets, both literally and figuratively. Counteract the Palm Springs sun with elevations that keep the temperature low and the spirit of discovery sky-high. Tahquitz Canyon offers a range of trails. Toddle along with the little ones on a beginner path or get steep with the athletic side of your family (and yourself). Once you reach the summit, be sure to take in the views of Coachella Valley below. Don’t forget to snuggle up with your partner and take a romantic pic overlooking the Historic Tennis Club neighborhood. We love love!

As you peer down at the city that lounges playfully along the foothills, you can chart your course for the next chapter of your vacation. Cycling is a great way to exhaust – oops, we mean amuse your children. Our spacious bike trails circumnavigating the city, bringing you down from the majestic hills and up close and personal with our shopping district. Your kids have earned a sweet treat, so fuel up before resuming your trek through town.

When your biking binge has ended, it’s time to bring it on home for the most essential Palm Springs recreational activity of all: pool time. Virtually every vacation rental is swimming with sparkling waters. Dive in and enjoy! You can even invite local friends of the family to join the splashy shenanigans. After all, pools are chlorinated, so socially distanced swimming is an excellent way to enjoy the day together, yet safely apart.

Family togetherness doesn’t need to be synonymous with smothering. If you love something, set it free. If it swims back to you, challenge it to a cannonball contest! Palm Springs is uniquely configured for comfort. Our leisurely layouts ensure maximum solitude without sacrificing others’ personal space.

Palm Springs’ safety protocols offer a matrix within which we can all respectfully revel in the wonders of community. We are all discovering our place in the new normal, and it helps to have family by our side. Together, we can excavate a happy, healthy tomorrow with a side of stay, play and YAY, courtesy of Palm Springs.

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