Recycling Program

The Palm Springs Convention Center is an active partner in the City of Palm Spring’s resource conservation and recycling efforts.

Loading Dock

Recycle container are 30 yard roll off on the north wall of the main loading dock. Designated recycle bins are noted:


>Wood – This includes, but is not limited to pallets, boards, plywood, MDF, broken down crates, logs, etc.

> Cardboard – This includes broken down, flattened, clean cardboard boxes.

Primrose Loading Dock

Co-mingled recycling blue dumpster marked “RECYCLING”. Includes plastic, glass and paper products.

Interior Bins 

Several slotted recycling bins are placed in various locations. Convention Center staff will dispose of the contents. Please do not dispose of the recycled materials into the roll off bins or the trash

Recyclable within the City of Palm Springs:
• Aerosol cans (completely empty)
• Aluminum Foil (clean)
• Beverage cans
• Brochures
• Cardboard
• Cereal boxes (remove inner lining)
• Computer paper
• Coupons
• Egg cartons
• Food cans, glass bottles & jars
• Glass cosmetic bottles (remove caps & lids)
• Laundry bottles
• Ledger paper
• Magazines, newspapers
• Paper tubes
• Phone books
• Pizza boxes (clean)
• Plastic bottles, plastic milk jugs
• Tin cans
• Tissue boxes, unused tissues and napkins

Non recyclable within the City of Palm Springs

These items are considered hazardous and may not be disposed of in the Convention Center
trash or recycling bins. Any of the following items must be disposed of at one of the Palm
Springs A.B.O.P. facilities.
• Antifreeze
• Batteries
• Motor oil
• Paint and wood stains
• E-waste (computers, cell phones, radios, TV’s, etc.)
• Pool chemicals
• Propane tanks