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Via Negocio Art District

Lynda Keeler Cosmic Canyons Painting

Welcome to the Via Negocio Art District, a mesmerizing hub that embodies the city’s rich cultural tapestry. Named after the name of the street in which it is located, this burgeoning area serves as a beacon of artistic exploration and creativity. Its emergence brings forth a new wave of inspiration, transforming Palm Springs into an even more captivating destination for art enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs alike. With its diverse range of artists, Via Negocio Art District promises to weave together the threads of cultural diversity, fostering a thriving artistic community that celebrates the transformative power of creativity.

Discover a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions that will leave you inspired and enthralled.

Meet The Artists

Lynda Keeler

1800 N Via Negocio, #5

Lynda’s paintings, murals, and sculptures are inspired by daily walks through California’s neighborhoods. The vivid colors of flowers in front gardens, a glimpse of a swimming pool through a side gate, the massive boulders of Joshua Tree, and the curves of a cul de sac are abstractly captured in the Road Maps and Color Maps series. She is deeply influenced by the contemporary and classic architecture and design on these walks and how the natural and built environments intersect in ways that can be in harmony or in conflict.

There are specific shapes and symbols that populate her paintings and sculptures. Circles, arrows, and even hands and feet show up at times in unexpected places and in sometimes strange colors. They all add to Lynda’s sense of the passing of time and the evolution of the places she inhabits.

In 2021 she co-founded Desert Open Studios which launched with over 60 artists across the Coachella Valley opening their studios to the public. In 2024 Desert Open Studios will have 160 artists showing their creative process to visitors along with a group show at the Coachella Valley Arts Center in Indio.

Her artwork has been featured in numerous group and solo shows in San Diego, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. In addition Lynda has curated group exhibitions for Intersect Art Fair and independent galleries in California.

Contact Lynda at for an appointment.

Lynda Keeler Painter Negocio

Julie Weiman

1800 N Via Negocio, #5

While abstract, Julie’s work is grounded in the landscape, specifically the Mojave Desert of Southern California. She uses a range of mediums including inks and dyes, rust, graphite, soil, pencil, pastel, spray paint, acrylic and wax.

She studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Massachusetts School of Art and Design, and Anderson Ranch in Aspen, Colorado.  Julie has an MBA from Boston University.

Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Boston, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Indio, Bombay Beach, and online, with Asher Grey gallery on Artsy.

More recently, Julie is creating textile art pieces. Her textile pieces are made from material that she has collected over time, such as rugs, antique linens, garments, and lace handkerchiefs. She uses these materials as they were, respecting the age, touch, weave, and even stains.

For both textiles and painting, the artistic process is both improvisational and intuitive.

Contact Julie here for an appointment.

Julie Weiman

Tyler Burton

1800 N Via Negocio, #4

Tyler Burton is an artist who creates sculptures and installations that explore various environmental issues, such as plastic waste, shelter, glacial melt, and wildlife habitats. In her ‘Fossils of the Future’ series, she examines our dependence on single-use plastics through large layered monoliths, mini-liths, castings of plastic products, and cyanotype prints. In ‘Places: California Water,’ she looks at areas like The Salton Sea and Owens Lake, where human activities have led to the depletion, mismanagement, or theft of water with dire consequences.

Through her art, Tyler aims to draw attention to the pressing need to address these environmental issues. She finds inspiration in the solitude and quiet of the desert, using both simple and found materials to create her works.

Contact Tyler for an appointment here.

Burton_Chino Canyon_2020_mixedmedia_98

Wendy Kahle

1800 N. Via Negocio, #3

Wendy works in many different mediums. She uses a number of different techniques in her printmaking designs. For example, her intaglio printmaking is a technique that involves carving our incising lines into a plate. Another printmaking method she uses is mono-type, a unique print that is created by painting or linking a surface and then transferring the image to paper. Wendy also creates etchings.

Vivid colors come into play in her pastels and she is also skilled in oil painting.

Her work is to varying degrees representational interpretations of the surrounding natural world. These nature-based themes utilize form, texture, contrasting values and line. Vivid colors come into play in her pastels. In some of her work she will explore the minute details of a subject, and at other times work to reduce a subject down to its simplest form. Her finished piece take on a graphic and abstracted appearance beyond just a realistic representation of the subject.

Wendy also offers classes at Las Palmas Arts.

Contact Wendy at for an appointment.

Wendy Kahle

Robert Seabrook

1800 N Via Negocio, #9

Robert is a contemporary artist influenced by the ever present natural beauty of Palm Springs. The mountains, the moon, sun, and the light have all been factors since arriving in the desert. His work has evolved to reflect the mid century vibe of Palm Springs. Having lived and painted in Australia, Dominican Republic, France, and now Palm Springs, he has succeeded in assembling his life experiences and travels in a new body of work that reflects the influence of living in the Palm Springs . His artwork is included in collections in France, Italy, Australia and the USA.

To visit his studio contact Robert at:

Seabrook_Studio Via Negocio

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