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New Public Art: Pillars of Palm Springs

Palm Springs Public Art

To Be Unveiled on World Art Day – April 15, 2024

The City of Palm Springs is pleased to announce that a new public arts project, Pillars of Palm Springs, will be unveiled on World Art Day. The creative new project will showcase six art installations on the median of Tahquitz Canyon Way, running from the Airport to Palm Canyon Drive. The installation includes six individually crafted “pillars” that are being designed to represent six themes; Creativity, Serenity, Diversity, Civility, Community, and Equality.

Each pillar is being created by a different artist, four of whom are local (this replaces The Art Of Taming Horses installation). Each pillar will have a QR code located nearby to facilitate access to more information on each design and artist.

The project, commissioned by the City’s Public Arts Commission, is the largest and most comprehensive project initiated by the Commission. Applications became available in June 2023, and the Commission received 87 applications from 57 potential bidders, a new record for submissions.

The six winning designs were chosen for their bold artistry and alignment with the core principles of Palm Springs. “Not only does the artwork exemplify each of these equities, but collectively they form a visual tapestry that reinforces the seventh and overarching pillar of Palm Springs that we call Identity,” said Gary Armstrong, Chair of the Public Arts Commission.

“Supporting local artists not only bolsters the cultural identity of Palm Springs, but also creates a stronger connection between artists and their surroundings, resulting in art that resonates more profoundly with our local audience,” said Mayor Grace Garner. “These pillars will stand tall as a testament to our shared values, reminding our residents and visitors alike of the rich cultural and social fabric that binds us all together.”

About the Artists

Roger Reutimann [Creativity]

Roger Reutimann has lived a varied and creative life since childhood. As a multi-disciplinary artist, he is mostly self-taught with an insatiable desire for knowledge and skills in the field of the arts and popular culture. He earned his MA in sculpture from the University of the Arts, Zurich and holds a degree from Music School Zurich Conservatory. In 2008 he became a full-time artist, using his unique background and skills to create innovative and original works of art.

Inspired by the 1959 Cadillac, Reutimann’s melds respect for midcentury modern design, car culture, and desertscape. The tips of the cactus, or taillights of the car, light up at night.

Pillars Of Palm Springs Roger Reutimann

Roger Reutimann

Anne Faith Nicholls [Serenity]

Anne Faith Nicholls is an American contemporary artist recognized for her Neo-surrealistic paintings and sculptures. Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, collections, and art fairs around the world, and she’s contributed to a variety of high-profile publications and commercial projects with renowned collaborators. Often exploring the subconscious, her works are layered and mysterious, creating symbolic narratives on the human condition. Inspired by surrealism and folk art, she combines her classical training with ingenuity and craftsmanship to create artworks in a variety of mediums, with her unique perspective ever-present. Currently based in Palm Springs, Anne Faith Nicholls continues to exhibit and collaborate with creative partners around the world.

Anne’s design furthers her directive by showcasing a work that will change with colors when illuminated at night. She notes that water was what brought settlers here and gave them serenity from wandering in the desert.

Pillars Of Palm Springs Anne Faith Nicholls

Anne Faith Nicholls

Bernard Stanley Hoyes [Diversity]

Bernard Hoyes is a Palm Desert based visual artist who is a master of colorful and rhythmical compositions. He paints “from an intuitive point of view,” and during the process the “spirits take possession” and the ritual theme becomes dominant. Hoyes has participated in numerous solo exhibitions in the US and abroad. He has created numerous murals in the inner city of Los Angeles and has curated exhibitions and held a position on the board at the Museum of African American Art in Los Angeles. His works have been featured in numerous television and film productions and collected internationally.

Hoyes’ piece is thoughtful and kinetic featuring two hummingbirds which move with the wind to create a genetic strand, reminding the viewer that we all share the same DNA. The word DIVERSITY will be illuminated at night.

Pillars Of Palm Springs Bernard Hoyes

Bernard Stanely Hoyes

Jessup + Cooning [Civility]

Jessup + Cooning is the artist team of Kate Jessup and Celeste Cooning. Separately, each of these artists have built their careers creating public and private commissions as well as gallery work and temporary installations. Their artwork has been exhibited together, but this project will be their first co-designed collaboration. They were inspired by the iconic architecture of Palm Springs and the importance of celebrating courtesy and respect as public practice.

Their piece celebrates architecture, which is the foundation of any civilization.

Pillars Of Palm Springs Jessup+Cooning

MIDABI [Community]

MIDABI (Michael Daniel Birnberg) was born at home in SoHo NYC, surrounded by a progressive family rooted in individualistic expression and collective introspection. In his teens he began seeking out radical experiences as a means of jarring himself into greater awareness; an outflow of art and philosophy began. MIDABI has a Bachelors degree in Media & Cultural Studies from the University of California, and a Masters in International Counseling Psychology from Alliant International University. His current work focuses on sculptural-text public art as a means of philosophical public intervention.

He moved to Palm Springs at 19 into the former home of his great grandmother, a painter, sculptor, and art educator. He has served as a commissioner on the city sustainability commission. MIDABI currently divides his time between New York City and Palm Springs.

Michael’s piece is a clever work that draws a clear and concise conclusion that in Palm Springs, the community is in every direction, every street and every neighborhood.

Pillars Of Palm Springs MIDABI


Scott Froschauer [Equality]

Scott Froschauer lives and works in Los Angeles. He has a degree in textual studies/linguistic theory from Syracuse University. His background includes studies in engineering and cultural deconstruction with extensive experience in fabrication, design, government, and mycelium. His work is first and foremost an exploration in communication. It incorporates playfulness with concepts of connection and empathy. His “The Word on The Street” series of re-contextualized street signs has been installed in public, private, and municipal spaces throughout the US and Canada. It has been on display at various galleries and museums including the Renwick Gallery of The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Scott’s piece is based upon the original Rainbow Flag design. The Flag’s designer, Gilbert Baker, wanted the flag to embrace the broader notion of inclusivity. This pillar will have the word EQUALITY on it which will be illuminated in neon.

Pillars Of Palm Springs Scott Froschauer

Scott Froschauer

For more information, visit Pillars of Palm Springs

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