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Coachella Valley Repertory

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Coachella Valley Repertory (CVRep) produces professional theater that is entertaining, engaging as well as thought provoking. It has grown from humble beginnings into a renowned theater company. Over the years, it has gained a reputation for its unwavering dedication to artistic excellence and its ability to cultivate a strong sense of community through the power of storytelling.

One of the standout qualities of Coachella Valley Repertory is its commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity on stage. The theater actively seeks out stories and perspectives that represent the rich tapestry of the valley, ensuring that everyone can find representation and connection within their productions. From classic plays to contemporary works and original pieces, CVRep aims to engage and challenge audiences while celebrating the unique voices of the region.

Education & Outreach

In addition to its mainstage productions, CVRep offers a range of educational programs and outreach initiatives. Through workshops, classes, and special events, they provide opportunities for local artists to develop their skills, collaborate, and share their talents with the community. This commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists not only enhances the cultural landscape of the region but also fosters a sense of growth and creativity among aspiring performers.


Its main theater, the CVRep Playhouse, boasts a comfortable seating arrangement that allows for an intimate and immersive experience for the audience. The spacious stage, professional lighting, and sound systems create a captivating atmosphere, elevating each performance to new heights.

Community Support

Beyond the artistic aspect, Coachella Valley Reparatory also actively engages with its patrons and supporters. The theater relies on the generosity of donors, sponsors, and volunteers to continue its mission of providing accessible and high-quality theater experiences. The CVRep family extends far beyond the stage itself, with a dedicated group of individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the success of each production.

CVRep is a non-profit, professional regional theater and is the only theater in California’s Coachella Valley that has Small Professional Theatre (SPT) status with Actor’s Equity.

Coachella Valley Repertory

Whether you’re a theater aficionado or simply seeking an evening of captivating entertainment, the Coachella Valley Repertory Theater offers a diverse range of performances that are sure to leave a lasting impression. From thought-provoking dramas to uproarious comedies, each production at CVRep is thoughtfully curated to inspire, entertain, and foster meaningful connections within the community.

So, the next time you find yourself in the Coachella Valley, be sure to visit CVRep and immerse yourself in the magic of live theater. With its unwavering commitment to artistic excellence, inclusivity, and community engagement, the Coachella Valley Repertory Theater continues to shine as a beacon of creativity and cultural enrichment.

Located at 68510 E. Palm Canyon Drive in Cathedral City.

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Coachella Valley Repertory

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