The Story of Thick As Thieves

By Samantha Caltagirone

On a snowy December night in 2016, we decided we needed to make a change. We knew it wouldn’t be easy saying goodbye to the cozy St. Louis home we created together, our friends, family, favorite lunch spots and everything in-between. But where do two people with a big dream and little resources go? We ran through the familiar list of our favorite getaways – Austin, Nashville, Santa Fe… but there was only one place that seemed to be the perfect fit. There was a marathon of old western movies playing in the background that night. As John Wayne regally rode across the screen in El Dorado, it clicked. We have always loved the desert, and considering we would be getting married in the hi-desert a few months away, we decided that Palm Springs would be our new home. Cowboys in our own right, we packed up everything we owned and headed west for a new life and new opportunities.

Inspired by our lifelong love of antiques and relics of times long gone, we wanted to open up our very own shop – carrying unique, handmade items that told a story. We renovated a 1920’s Spanish bungalow closer to (what we believe to be) its original condition. From there, we added a lot of rustic elements including reclaimed wood and black iron shelving to give it a masculine feel. Altogether we strive for an Americana/Folk aesthetic and that comes from a blend of the products we carry and the physical space itself, nodding our hat to the early settlers and mercantiles of the west. All of our display pieces are antique as well – our main table is a Hungarian work bench from the 20’s, we also have a biergarten table set from Munich, an old barber’s coat rack, victorian clothing rack, enamel baby tub from the turn of the century, all to create a unique shopping experience; Thick As Thieves.


Thick As Thieves

In our space and in this town, we believe we’ve been able to create something uniquely special. In our minds, our products are conversation pieces, items you use to entertain and share with your loved ones and hold on to for years to come. We truly believe that the pioneer spirit that led people to Palm Springs all those years ago is alive and well. We hope to give people a little piece of that every time they shop with us.

Thick As Thieves

183 S Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 832-8350

Thick As Thieves

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