Restaurants offering French Dishes

lAtelier Cafe

Palm Springs Restaurants with French menu options

Palm Springs caters to the most discerning palates by offering international foodie fare that transports the diner to an exotic array of gastro-destinations. Next stop: France! The following list of haute hotspots summon Parisian decadence with a unique Palm Springs flair…


Speaking of the French capital, the City of Lights has given us so much – specifically: Angelique and Christophe Robin.  They have crafted a signature breakfast and lunch menu galore, complete with savory quiche selections and beaucoup sweets aussi. Enjoy a glass of wine or sip of coffee before resuming your stroll down La Rue de Palm Canyon Drive.


Despite the fact that this downtown must-try is actually Belgian, their menu evokes the best that France has to offer. Escargots simmering in herbal butter, filet medallions prepared just so, and the sublime fries that give Pomme Frite its name – bienvenu to deliciousness.

Pomme Frite


As you cross the threshold of this rustic/chic hybrid haven, you will step from the desert heat into the lush embrace of the French Riviera. The floral aromas serve as an amuse bouche, whetting your appetite for the prix fixe perfection of the dinner offerings. Farm’s menu changes daily, but every lavish nighttime meal includes five courses that conjure the cool breezes of Provence with every succulent bite.

Farm Palm Springs


Immersed in luxury and brimming with savior fanciness, this enclave of the iconic Parker Palm Springs spares nothing. From caviar to canard and foie gras to gateau, this is the pinnacle of high-end dining. Palm Springs is the capital of splurging, so spoil yourself with a reservation at any and all of the above Franco-fabulous destinations today.

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