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Tour In A Vintage Classic Car

A vintage vehicle is like Palm Springs on wheels – they both embody freedom and fun at full speed.

Classic car culture is roughly the same age as the aesthetics that make our hometown an international architectural destination. For example, while Palm Springs architect Hugh Kaptur was honing his vision with such groundbreaking designs as the Noel Gillette House and Impala Lodge, the ’57 Chevy rolled off the assembly line.

Mid-century modernism is more than just a style; it’s a dynamic that defines a time, a place and a direction. After all, we are always looking forward to the next evolution of life elevated. And what better way to reach that horizon than in a souped-up steel chariot cruising the contours of Palm Springs?

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McCormick’s Classic Cars

“That’s why we live here in this paradise,” declares Keith McCormick, President of McCormick’s Classic Car Auctions. “It may be hot at times, but it’s still paradise.  We produce two large Classic Car Auctions per year here in Palm Springs. The auctions are open to the general public and dealers are also welcome. Each event features over 500 classic and exotic cars. The events are held in February and November each year. The venue is The Palm Springs Convention Center‘s outdoor special event area in downtown Palm Springs. We also have a very busy year round classic car showroom here in the heart of downtown Palm Springs with many classics for sale.”

classic car palm springs

Back in 1981, Keith McCormick had already become a successful entrepreneur in his native United Kingdom, but he longed to realize a dream to move to Palm Springs and devote his time entirely to his family…and his cars. In 1985, Keith hosted his very first exotic car auction. A modest affair, by today’s standards, but one that would start a tradition. Today, Keith’s relentless dedication to excellence and integrity has produced one of the most prestigious, respected, and successful car auctions in America.

McCormick's Car Store

Car Lovers Flock to Palm Springs

Car lovers flock to our balmy haven to let down more than just their hair. “They can put the top down and tour around Palm Springs,” analyzes McCormick, “which is something they can’t do in certain parts of America because of snow and rain.”

The tone in McCormick’s voice is endlessly affable. He bandies about terms like “okie dokie” with infectious appeal. This is a man who loves what he does and he’s eager to spread that love to the automotive enthusiasts he encounters.

“When we do the McCormick’s Classic Cars live events, we get thousands of people,” McCormick beams. “Community is central to the heart of Palm Springs car culture. It goes hand in hand with  Modernism Week.  It features many of the properties that were built in the 50s and 60s in Palm Springs and people who were into the old mid-century modern are also into the old classic cars.”

Vintage Cars Source Tom Blachford
Source: Tom Blachford

According to McCormick, innovation is the engine that drives Palm Springs.

“The locals tend to think out of the box. Things like bringing in Marilyn Monroe, the statue, was really out of the box and it made for a great tourism attraction and we’re constantly thinking of new things in town, how can we keep the tourism flowing in?”

McCormick's Car Auction
Source: David Blank

Classic Car Roundup

And to continue firing on all cylinders, car nuts require the proper resources. If you’re a newbie to the throwback scene, consider a visit to One Eleven Vintage Cars. Their lot is a blast from the past and a path to a bright future! Exotic Motor Cars is another used sales spot that truly lives up to its name.

For existing antique auto owners, Palm Springs is a wealth of high-octane support. All American Classic Car Restoration can buff out impurities, hammer out damage, and blow out your wow factor! In addition to traditional repair services, their diagnostic wizards can determine the best ways to help you rule the road. And if you happen to drive a European vintage beauty – ooh la la! Exotic Car Service is le place for all your upkeep needs.

Classic Car source Nancy Baron
Source: Nancy Baron

Not ready to dive into the classic car deep end just yet? Simply dip your toes into a regal rental from Enterprise. Their enticing collection will put you in the driver’s seat for a vacation with vroom! For special occasions, steer on over to the local Vinty rental hub. They have models for weddings, photo shoots or just a roll down memory lane.

Bringing our virtual road trip back to the starting line, be sure to consult McCormick’s Classic Cars about upcoming events, auctions, and general classic car majesty. Happy trails!

Written By Kevin Perry

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