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Palm Springs Vegan Guide

Vegan Veggie Burger Feast with Pulled Jackfruit and Jalapeños


Palm Springs is full of vegan-friendly restaurants that cater to a variety of dietary needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, you’re sure to find something to your liking. Here’s a Palm Springs vegan guide to help you navigate so many options.

533 Viet Fusion

Vietnamese restaurant with a separate vegetarian menu that is mostly vegan. Offers choices like pho, salads, and crepe.


Many starters on their menu are vegan, including the shaved brussel sprouts salad, watermelon salad, and cauliflower risotto.

For entrees, they have a vegan pasta with sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, spinach, pesto, and pine nuts. Their lunch service has even more vegan options, including cauliflower tacos, house-made guacamole, hummus, olives and pita.

azucar at las serena villa


Birba is incredibly flexible and caters to all diets. They even offer a zucchini noodle based pasta and have no problem substituting meats for something else. Menu items include roasted cauliflower, three kale salad, casoncelli di zucca, gnocchi al forno margarita or the verde pizzas.

Roasted whole cauliflower with lemon, in black serving dish, top view.


Enjoy the Veganwurst dog with onions, peppers, crispy shallot, vegenaise, and cilantro. Or the Thai vegan larb with cabbage, mint, cilantro and steamed rice.

Chef Tanya’s Kitchen

Specializing in house-made tempeh and seitan, this is 100% vegan restaurant and deli. Lots of choices here, from vegan sandwiches and tempeh burgers, to soups and deli salads.

Chef Tanya's Kitchen

Chill Bar

LGBTQ+ bar & club with food and drinks. Enjoy their vegan watermelon feta salad with vegan feta or their vegan pizza with figs, vegan charizo, arugula, and vegan aioli.,

Copley’s on Palm Canyon

There are vegan salad options including charred asparagus salad (hold the smoked duck) and a mixed beet salad (switch out the buttermilk dressing). For main, choose from the sesame seed seared tofu. Ask the server if there are other options and the menu does change.

Del Rey at Villa Royale

Tapas bar with a small menu, nearly half of which can be made vegan and is clearly marked as such on the menu. Vegan options include padron peppers; flatbread with mushrooms, red onions, garlic and an herb drizzle; basque asparagus; beet salad; picada salad; and Brussel sprouts with dates and a honey vinaigrette. Note that the restaurant is 21+.

del rey vegan flatbread


Restaurant and lounge with a few vegan and gluten-free dishes clearly marked. The roasted cauliflower steak served with curried cauliflower puree is popular.

El Patron

Mexican restaurant offering vegan tacos and vegan burritos with a grilled cauliflower or tofu. Can also accommodate some other dishes to be made vegan friendly on request. Pair it with black beans and traditional Mexican rise.

French Miso Café

Breakfast includes vegan toast or vegan yogurt. For lunch, try the grilled tofu, shiitake rice bowl. They are currently serving only a limited pre-fixe dinner menu, so you will need to request a vegan option when you make the reservation.

french miso cafe

Fuzion Five

Fuzion Five has lots to choose from. Vegan pho noodle soup, pad Thai, vegan tofu spring rolls, vegan egg rolls, bun noodle salad, vegetable curry noodles, stir fried vegetables, tofu lettuce wrap, and fried rice with vegetable or tofu.

Spring Rolls made of Tofu,Rice Noodle and Vegetables, Vietnamese Cuisine.

Grand Central Palm Springs

For brunch they offer a breakfast bowl with chocolate quinoa, almonds, coconut, granola, berries, bananas and coconut milk. For lunch, try the vegetarian burger on brioche.  For dinner, start with a small plate like watermelon gazpacho, followed by a market mixed green salad. Chef’s choices and menus change daily, so ask about vegan options


Spinach or vegetarian taco. Spinach quesadillas (hold the sour cream), vegetarian or spinach burrito, bean tostada topped with rice. Add a salad.

Happy Sushi

This happy place offers a range of vegan options. Spicy garlic edamame, tofu tempura, jalapeno bomb, cucumber salad, seaweed salad. Hand rolls include avocado, cucumber, and vegetables.

Cucumber coated sushi rolls served with ginger and wasabi on rectangular plate, soy sauce with chopsticks on the table

I Heart Mac & Cheese

While you might not think of mac & cheese as vegan, they do offer a variety of vegan choices. Try the vegan melt grilled cheese with a beyond burger, onions, tomatoes and vegan cheese sauce. Vegan delight mac & cheese with broccoli, cauliflower or quinoa with beyond sausage, vegan cheese, broccoli, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and scallions. There’s the classic vegan grilled cheese and mac & cheese with special vegan cheese sauce.

Il Giardino Italian Restaurant

Start with the antipasti La Caponata with eggplant and mix of vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce or the La Bruschetta with homemade focaccia bread. For your Insalate Zuppe enjoy the La Pansanella Toscana salad with vinegar-bread, tomato, red onion, cucumber, and basil. For Primi there’s the classic Capellini Puttanesca with angel hair pasta, tomato sauce, cappers, kalamata olives and wine.

Inka Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian cuisine with two labelled vegan dishes on the menu. Tacu Tacu son Salsa Criolla, which is beans mixed with rice sautéed and served with criolla salsa. There’s also the Tofu Saltado which is sautéed tofu with red onions, tomatoes, and cilantro.

Jake’s  Palm Springs

General TSO Cauliflower with sweet and spicy sauce. For lunch, grapefruit, arugula, and hearts of palm salad (hold the blue cheese please).

John Henry’s Café

Enjoy grilled eggplant with olives, tomato and fresh basil to begin. Enjoy pasta with a pesto or tomato sauce for your main course.

Pasta, spaghetti with tomato sauce and fresh basil in a bowl. Grey background. Top view. Copy space.

La Bonita’s

The off a vegan burrito with cabbage, pinto onions, and salsa. You can also order the burrito bowl, taco salad, or tostada without the cheese.

Loco Charlie’s Mexican Grill

Mexican restaurant offering a vegetarian menu with options that can be made vegan upon request. Rice and bean burrito, vegie fajita, vegie enchilada with rice and whole pinto beans, and a vegetarian soft taco.

LuLu California Bistro

Has a dedicated vegan menu that includes pizza and pasta dishes without cheese, salads, and an Impossible burger.

lulu vegan pizza

Maracas Mexican Cantina & Grill

They have a potato taco, crispy Impossible meat taco, vegie enchilada and burrito, Impossible meat enchilada, and spinach & mushroom enchilada.

Miro’s Restaurant

Try Miro’s family recipe croquettes to start and lentil and mushroom bolognese for your entrée.

Monsoon Indian Cuisine

North Indian restaurant with a number of labeled vegan entrees including dumplings, black lentils, cauliflower, eggplant, mushrooms, and chick peas.

MidMod Café

Cafe offering a varied menu with veggie items including a mushroom burger, tempeh reuben sandwich, falafel hummus pita, breakfast hummus and avocado toast, among others. Motto is, “do less harm to yourself and you have changed the world.”

Avocado roll in a bowl with tempeh

Native Foods

Offers a menu of sandwiches, veggie burgers, bowls, salads, and others. Their menu is 100% vegan.

Nature’s Health Food & Café

Serves veggie burgers, sandwiches, wraps, rice paper rolls, salads, and other casual fare. Store stocks a variety of natural groceries including fresh organic produce, bulk staples, vitamins, supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, ionized water, ear candles, organic cruelty-free beauty products, and more.

natures veggie burger

Palm Greens Café

There are a lot of classic breakfasts that become off-limits when going vegetarian or vegan, but if you’re a vegan visiting Palm Greens Cafe, you can have your pancakes and eat them too. Scrambled tofu and OE-eggs provide hearty alternatives to egg dishes, such as Huevos Rancheros or scrambled eggs in a breakfast sandwich, and vegan bacon and sausage finish off the meal to perfect satisfaction.

Rick’s Desert Grill

Sue’s Garden Burger (hold the mayo), Vegetarian Jr. Club (hold the cheese); Santa Clara Cuban salad with tomato, avocado, cucumber, and red onions; Penne pasta with house-made tomato basil sauce.

Rio Azul Mexican Bar & Grill

Vegie fajita ensalada or sizzling fajita, vegie enchilada (hold the cheese), and vegie burrito (hold the cheese).

Sammy G’s Tuscan Grill

Tuscan Italian restaurant with a few labeled vegan items including a cauliflower    ceviche bruschetta, cauliflower crust pizza with Daiya vegan cheese, and fresh tomato or pasta primavera.

Spencer’s Restaurant

For lunch try the grilled portobello mushroom sandwich on toasted focaccia bread or vegetarian burger (hold the cheese). For dinner they also have a roasted Portobello mushroom with vegetables in a soy-ginger sauce.

Grilled portobello mushroom chicken sandwich with balsamic vinaigrette roasted red peppers and provolone cheese

Stout Burgers & Beers

Stout Burger offers three vegie choices: Planet based burger, Bollywood (request the aged cheddar cheese be replaced by their vegan pepper jack), and the Califresh burger. Pair your burger with tots or sweet potato fries. They also have a vegan kale & quinoa salad.


Mexican restaurant with a few dedicated vegan dishes on the menu. Try the veggie enchilada (hold the sour cream). They also have grilled portabello mushrooms with pickled onion and avocado in a flour tortilla (hold the cheese and crema). They also have four vegan salad options: Vega Arco Iris with a mango vinaigrette, black bean with lemon dressing, grilled avocado with cilantro-lime vinaigrette, and jicama and papaya with watermelon serrano vinaigrette.

tac quila vegan fajita

Thai House

Start with fried tofu, fresh spring rolls, or a papaya salad. All rice and noodle dishes can be prepared with tofu. There’s also a broccoli, eggplant, mixed veggies, and fresh ginger vegetable entrées. Or try the Kung Pao with Tofu for something with a bit more kick.

Thai Smile Palm Springs

Most options are vegan with the option to add fried tofu.

tofu pleasing-sprout_orig

Trio Restaurant

Small bite vegan options include street corn, spinach & artichoke dip, cauliflower fritters, focaccia with olive tapenade, fries, and marinated olives.

Wilma & Frieda’s

Begin with the ginger saki cauliflower nuggets. For dinner, you have a choice of eggplant portobello veggie tower or grilled portobellos steak strips. One of their signature salads is roasted corn & avocado in a cilantro dressing.

Workshop Kitchen & Bar

Vegan small plate includes beets & citrus, shaved brussels salad with ginger-orange vinaigrette, and curried sweet potato and peanut soup made with coconut milk. Plates include farmer’s market vegetables.

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