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Tour Through Palm Springs Bars and Speakeasys

In Palm Springs, the beverages are as well crafted as the architecture. They both intoxicate the eye, lure onlookers from afar, and satisfy our collective curiosity with a taste and texture unparalleled anywhere else on Earth. A craft cocktail (or mocktail) is the perfect pairing for your next day trip to our refreshingly hip hometown. Whether you’re here for a night or the rest of your life, Palm Springs bars and lounges can toast to your palate as only it can. So, lift up your glass and drink down our unique menu of offerings, blended by local mixologists expertly versed in the ways of keeping you satisfied.

Speakeasy, Drink Hard

The Rat Pack legacy of Palm Springs evokes smoky intrigue and liquid seduction. Though the smoke has since cleared, the aura remains. You can still drink like a silver screen star at one of these vintage speakeasies that shimmer in the shadows.

Our virtual booze cruise begins at Melvyn’s, Frank Sinatra’s fave ring-a-ding-destination. You could order a Jack Daniel’s (ol’ blue eyes’ drink of choice) or opt for one of their signature greyhound cocktails. If booze ain’t your bag, sip into a Coachella Valley Shake and taste the grandeur of our local dates.

Judy Garland also haunts our hallowed beverage scene. Relive her ribald days at the Purple Room as Michael Holmes exhumes Garland’s saucy spirit. He sings, swears, and serves up belly laughs as you belly up to the bar and guzzle the concoction named after the featured attraction: Judy Juice.

Purple Room

Travel even further back in time at Paul Bar, the speakeasy that’s hard to deny. This joint feels like it was ripped from the 1920s, but prohibition is nowhere in sight. To soak up your sins, feast on the quintessential Palm Springs sustenance: steak.

Paul Bar

Nobody sizzles better than Mr. Lyons, a vintage eatery so authentic, you’ll swear that Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. just ducked the paparazzi and pulled a 23 skidoo around the bend. When you follow their fashionable lead, you’ll find Seymour’s speakeasy lurking in a bespoke corner of Mr. Lyons steakhouse. Imbibe individuality with a concoction that you can only find in Palm Springs. Doff a Brown Derby, tickle some Bees Knees, or rock out to the Coachella, a subtle mix of gin, juice, and desert love.

A  taste of the Islands by way of the Desert 

Why fly to the South Pacific when Palm Springs brings exotic living to your SoCal backyard? We are, after all, a vacation wonderland, so get fruity with a triumphant tiki elixir from a neighborhood mainstay.

Toucans is one of the great Palm Springs bars that provides a refreshing reminder that our hometown is the most open and welcoming town in the California crown. Put your novelty cocktail umbrella to good use, because it’s rainin’ men!


Keep those tiki torches lit and woke and fabulous at Tonga Hut. The staff exudes Palm Springs pleasantness and the space is festooned with games and tropical regalia. You’ve got to see, play, and taste it to believe it! Enjoy bracingly original (and potent) mixtures like the Mojave Punch or Kraken the Dole Whip (a delicacy that you can only find in Palm Springs, Disneyland and Hawaii).

Speaking of uniquely Palm Springs, Bootlegger Tiki is your passport to Party Town! Circle the globe with disparate climate samplers like the Pearl Dive and the Jungle Bird… all in the convenience of your desert home!

Bootlegger Tiki

Palm Springs Bars to Lounge Around Town 

Now that you’ve tied one on, loosen up at one of the luxurious lounges that sprawl across our luxurious haven. Lulu California Bistro beckons you to its lavish exterior eating (drinking) area with a style that screams “midcentury modern!” Gaze up at the San Jacinto Mountains as you drink down enough liquid courage to stroll to your next destination.

The Tropicale pours libations fit for a star. But not just any star: Barbra Streisand! That’s right, Babs’ former personal chef, Tony Di Lembo, owns this must-visit marvel, lined with distinct décor and distilled Palm Springs charm. Their expansive outdoor patio allows you to see your next lounge bubbling up on the horizon.


Welcome to Eight4Nine, home of the most cheerful cheers in Riverside County. Their craft cocktails include The Seducer, Gin-Eration, and the titular Eight4nine, made with at least three types of liquor (after that, we stopped counting).


For curated sophistication as only Palm Springs can deliver, hitch your wagon to Truss & Twine. Engage in some Hanky Panky, evoke your best Fallen Angel… and then have a drink! JK, those are the names of the beverages at T&T, each as delicious as their surrounding atmosphere.

When you enter the Palm Springs city limits, you leave boring behind. Each droplet of daiquiri, each morsel of mojito, and each hint of hooch is formulated to elicit maximum pleasure from its recipient. Don’t waste one taste; reserve your proverbial barstool and one of Palm Springs bars or lounges and simmer in the succulence of Palm Springs decadence, one sip at a time.

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