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Outdoor Dining in Palm Springs

eight4nine patio

Celebrate Our Restaurants in the Open Air

Palm Springs is synonymous with inclusion. Our hearts, our minds, and our souls are open wide, ready to welcome new visitors into our collective life story. So, it is fitting that open-air dining is how we gather gregariously and generously.

Patio lounges offer enough space to respect others while also being cohesive enough to bind us in a sense of community. We can break bread without breaking boundaries. Get ready to take a tour of our outdoor eateries and let’s all toast to togetherness, with plenty of room to spare.

Wave to Palm Canyon

Highway 111 cradles your car as you enter Palm Springs, slowing gradually so you can enjoy the main event: Palm Canyon Drive. This is our thriving thoroughfare, complete with outdoor shops and inviting cafes.

To kick off your afternoon with the best sandwich in town, frequent the aptly named Sandwich Spot. Our fave concoctions are the MILF and the DILF, but they have dozens more to sample from the comfort of their shaded patio. Consider accessorizing your ‘wich with bomb sauce and Dutch crunch bread to experience the Spot’s full spectrum of tantalizing tastes and textures.

Trio has re-imaged in outdoor patio and menu.

trio patio

An for one of the largest outdoor patios in Palm Springs, visit Eight4Nine in Uptown Design District.

As day rolls into temperate evening warmth, you should roll farther down Palm Canyon for a cocktail. Lulu California Bistro has expanded their patio and continues to blow our minds. Refreshing libations await, so you can get social at a safe distance and make all the passersby jealous of your fabulous Palm Springs lifestyle.


Just across the road and a few blocks away is Tommy Bahama with a large outdoor dining space with comfortable misters.

For dinner, Roly China Fusion is a collection of fascinating influences. Asian cuisine meets desert simplicity, upscale mingles with hearty, and the outdoor counter melds organically with the fun interior vibe. Roly’s health and safety protocols are beyond reproach, so whether you choose to sit indoors or dine out, you can feast on peace of mind.

Close by to Roly China Fusion is the wonderful Tac/ Quila with elevated flavors of Mexico.

Next level experiences

To rise above the ordinary, consider a visit to one of Palm Springs’ second-story patios. Elevate your palate and quench your thirst with a swelling tide of beverage options at Bongo Johnny’s. This festive institution overlooks Palm Springs with an eye for great times! Gaze down at the street below, a view that is only obstructed by the giant burger in your hand. Wash it down with a voluminous selection of beers, or opt for a specialty from their full bar.

Bongo Johnny Patio View

Due south, you will encounter Mercado Plaza, a welcoming enclave that flourishes with open-air possibilities. Upstairs, Brickworks American Bistro sprawls across the balcony, providing stellar vantages of the mountains on one side and Palm Canyon on the other. Drink up their camaraderie, smile it up for happy hour, and warm up to their famous wood-fired pizza.

Explore Indian Canyon

Speaking of great slices (when aren’t we?!?), stroll on over to our other main drag, Indian Canyon, to experience the legendary Bill’s Pizza. Their signature pies include the Elton John and the Nicolas Cage, which surprisingly doesn’t feature an excess of ham. Stretch out on the spacious patio and fend off the pizza heat with a cold microbrew or chilled Chardonnay.

bills pizza

White wine is also the perfect deck mate at Fisherman’s Market & Grill. Set sail for one of their outdoor tables and get hooked on seafood that accentuates the open-air lifestyle: fresh, crisp, and clean.

Farther down Indian Canyon, you will experience a tale of two sittings. For nightlife in the hot desert air, check out the back patio at Wang’s in the Desert. After you have slept off the intoxicating aftershocks of Wang’s cocktail prowess, fuel up for a new day at Bit of Country right next door. From booze to brunch, it’s all out in the open here in Palm Springs.

Tahquitz Won’t Quit

Our hometown is a wealth of wonders, all hidden in plain sight. Two such gems glisten across the street from one another on Tahquitz Canyon Way. They both offer dueling mimosas, as bottomless as the canyon that lends its name to their road.

Pinocchio in the Desert is a trip, and that’s no lie! Their champagne flows like the kind words from their amazing staff, and you may even witness a server dancing spontaneously across the rainbow-hued patio to fill yet another mimosa flute.

We yearn for the time when we can groove the day away, shoulder-to-shoulder and arm-in-arm with strangers and new friends, but for now we boogey at a safe span apart. The vast vistas of Palm Springs are perfectly conducive to social distancing without compromising the great food, drinks, and memories that are served up daily, al fresco.

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