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Cool Palm Springs Activities

Palm Springs Tram Patio

Beat the Summer Heat!

Summer is like an overexcited puppy; it just wants to play but sometimes doesn’t know its strength. To tame the boisterous beast, have fun with it! Maneuver the hottest hotspots in SoCal by following a few handy tips. Soon, you will have summer eating out of your hand, Palm Springs style.

The key to keeping your cool is timing. Sure, mid-day temperatures can get balmy, but there are plenty of hours in the morning and evening when you can enjoy the refreshing desert environment.

See Palm Springs on a Bike

One of the great Palm Springs activities to start your day is getting the lay of the land before it starts to simmer. And the first destination on your itinerary must be Bike Palm Springs. Rent a traditional bicycle or take a load off your loafers by going electric. That’s right: motorized splendor can be yours as you quickly whiz through our idyllic streets! You’ll find many resorts also offer complimentary bikes.

Bike Palm Springs

Once you have reviewed your kingdom/queendom, you can just zero in on the area you would like to explore in greater detail. After all, our hamlet is a work of art and inspires curiosity and connection. Get up close and personal by taking a gallery walking (or biking) tour. Up and down Palm Canyon, you will find spaces that evoke everything from the wonderful to the wild.

Palm Springs Art Scene

Jorge Mendez Gallery displays artists who celebrate the human form while juxtaposing it against a blur of colors and fracture geometry. Next door, abstraction meets photorealism in the deliriously multifaceted Rubine Red Gallery. Spoiler: you won’t be able to stop staring at the disco-ball-esque glass pillow sculptures.

George Mendez Gallery

The Desert Art Center is a glorious outlet for local artists and enthusiasts. Further down Palm Canyon, you will find the dazzling trio of Stewart Galleries, Geras Tousignant, and the Michael Weems Collection.

Palm Springs Art Museum presents spaciousness amplified. The imagery along the walls transports you to locales, real and imagined, all from the convenience of your air-conditioned surroundings. With timed ticketing and enhanced exhibits, the venerable organization has streamlined the museum-going process to avoid the pitfalls of overcrowding.

palm springs art museum

Cool Palm Springs Shopping

Other cool Palm Springs summer activities include exploring our vintage shops and discovering retro styles. While navigating our nifty main drag on Palm Canyon, chillax with some fun and colorful window-shopping. We have the finest midcentury goods and décor, from the vintage quirkiness of Iconic Atomic to the mod must-haves at Destination PSP.

iconic atomic
Iconic Atomic

A shopping vacation would only be complete with sporting some snazzy new threads. Wil Styles has mastered men’s resort garments, while Trina Turk carries women’s wear with style to spare.

wil stiles
Wil Stiles

 Vintage Shop Till You Drop

Cool Places to Stay

Whew! That was a full morning. Feel the retail burn as the thermometer begins to climb. Take shelter from the swelter by splashing at one of Palm Springs’ essential pools. Ace Hotel & Swim Club ushers you from the scintillating heat into a dewy respite. Sip cocktails from the poolside bar and submerge your worries in party perfection.

We also have an extensive collection of unique, locally owned, smaller resorts for a more intimate experience.

Discover Our Boutique Hotels

Ace Palm Springs

If you want a luxury experience at one of the leading hotels of the world, check in at L’ Horizon Resort & Spa. This is highly awarded and a #1 Tripadvisor pick.


If seclusion is more your speed, book a private home for your besties and family. Most of our rental properties have swimming pools, so you can splash the summer rays away. Luxsy offers a stunning array of homes, as do Acme House and Vacation Palm Springs. The last one in is all wet!

More Cool Palm Springs Activities

After you take a dip, it’s the sun’s turn; a crisp late afternoon ensues as it begins to dip below the ridge of the San Jacinto Mountains. Make the most of it with a refreshing spate of Palm Springs activities designed to keep you cool all season long.

If experiential thrills are your go-to activities, a roster of rousing adventures awaits. From the indoor intrigue of Escape Room Palm Springs to the off-roading adrenaline of Red Jeep Tours, Palm Springs is the capital of keeping it real. You will excavate fault lines and storylines as you flex your beautiful brain!

escape room

It’s time to cool off again, so what could be better than a giant fan? Answer: thousands of giant fans! Or windmills, to be more accurate. Take a spin with Palm Springs Windmill Tours and explore the structures that add to the flair of our savoir-faire.

Another feature that defines our striking hometown is its daring, dazzling architecture. Trace the lines of legacy from the remarkable structures of today back to the foundations of the past. Organizations like Mod Squad, Five Star Adventures, and Celebrity Tours take you behind the velvet ropes and showcase the majestic mansions that give PS its star power.

mod squad van

Before day yields to night, get a new outlook with the help of Aerial Tramway. Ascend to the summit that towers gently overhead and look down on all the fantastic activities you enjoyed over the day. Or avert your gaze ever upward and ponder your nighttime options. Whether you wish upon a star with Skywatcher Tours or prefer the calm reflection of a summer cocktail, Palm Springs provides a full menu of scintillating possibilities.

palm springs tram

Vacation accomplished.

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