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Modern Tours Palm Springs offers self-driving and walking tours through you smartphone. They believe in making architecture and history less intimidating and more interesting. they also believe your vacation should be on your schedule, nor a tour guide’s. The way they do it is by sharing information about Palm Springs homes and architecture using a tour format that’s easy to use anytime.

How does it work?

Load the tour on your smartphone or tablet and the built-in map guidance will take you to each stop. Once there, enjoy the beautiful architecture, listen to the fun and interesting audio segments and look at the unique photos of both the buildings and their interiors. This is a great way to learn about the modern architecture that made Palm Springs famous—at your pace.

Modern Tours Palm Springs put you in control. Since you’re at the wheel in your own vehicle, stop for lunch or an iced tea, get out and take some photos, even pause the tour and pick it up the next day. You can see the most beautiful homes and architectural marvels that make Palm Springs famous.

The Tours

Modernism Top 10 Tour

Explore the 10 best known, most iconic and most beautiful buildings that put Palm Springs on the map. Enjoy stories, background and history from your expert local guide; all the best buildings in Palm Springs in just a couple of hours.

Modern Architecture 101

Familiar with the Top 10, or looking for hidden gems & lesser-known but still fabulous buildings? Dive deeper into modernism as an architectural style, via the stories of its founders & see its most striking examples.

Celebrity MEGA Tour

The biggest and best self-driving celebrity tour you will find in Palm Springs. See the homes of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Elvis, Leonardo DiCaprio, a U.S. president and more.

Modernism Mega Tour

A combination of our Top 10 Tour and the Modern Architecture 101 Tour, the Mega Tour boasts nearly double the number of tour stops than a regular tour. This is the tour for architecture lovers and those looking to learn all about Palm Springs.

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Modern Tours Palm Springs

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