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Hot Yoga Plus

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There are two yoga rooms and the luxurious ambiance of a spa, including well-appointed men’s and women’s locker rooms and showers.  Hot Yoga Plus hosts a full schedule of a variety of classes catering to all levels, including traditional 90 Minute Hot Bikram Yoga, 60 Minute Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Inferno Hot Pilates, Trapeze Yoga, Rope wall yoga, and now we have  Pole Fitness.  There is something for everybody. They host special workshops and events which are not part of regular class packages.  You’ll find mats and towels for rent, a boutique with yoga wear and accessories, and a steam room.

Hot Yoga Plus has a Sun Room with a state-of-the-art heating/humidifier system, which maintains an evenly distributed 105 degrees with 40% humidity airflow. This gives you Bikram’s prescribed conditions for your best performance.  The air is purified through a UV light filter, killing germs and bacteria, so you’ll breathe fresh, clean air during your entire class.  The floors are made with a special padded underlay and a rubber tatami textured covering that is skid-resistant, waterproof, sweatproof, and mopped after every class.  It is hygienic and has no odors.

Hot Yoga Plus also has a Moon Room where you’ll find blocks, bolsters, blankets, weights,  And the  Rope wall with a static Pole and trapezes that you’ll need for various fun yoga.  There are showers for men and women and a private steam room with a private shower. There are also two massage rooms and a full boutique with plenty of cute yoga clothes and mats.

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