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Among the many cultural gems in Palm Springs, Dezart Performs stands out as a pillar of excellence in the theater community. From thought-provoking dramas to entertaining comedies, this dynamic theater group has been captivating audiences with their exceptional productions.

A Visionary Theater Group

Founded in 2008 by artistic directors Michael Shaw and Daniela Rayan, Dezart Performs has become synonymous with high-quality productions that push boundaries, provoke dialogue, and engage audiences on a profound emotional level. The group’s mission is centered around showcasing compelling stories that reflect the diversity of human experiences while fostering a sense of community and artistic growth.

Exceptional Productions

An Equity-sanctioned professional theatre, Dezart Performs consistently delivers an impressive lineup of plays that appeal to a wide range of theater enthusiasts. Their carefully curated selection includes contemporary masterpieces, lesser-known gems, and original works, ensuring there is always something fresh and exciting for attendees to experience.

The theater group’s commitment to excellence is evident in their attention to detail, from the carefully crafted sets to the exceptional performances by their talented cast members. Audiences can expect to be transported into captivating worlds where they will laugh, cry, and be deeply moved by the power of live theater.

Community Talent

Dezart Performs draws on the rich talent pool both locally and from the surrounding southern California region. This makes a unique mix of  gifted amateurs performers alongside experienced professionals. They believe in the power of theater to foster empathy, provoke conversations, and inspire change.

They have become an integral part of Palm Springs’ cultural landscape, bringing together artists, theater enthusiasts, and the local community. Their dedication to presenting exceptional productions and nurturing emerging talent has garnered critical acclaim and enthusiastic support from patrons.


Whether you’re a resident or visitor to Palm Springs, attending a production by Dezart Performs promises an unforgettable theatrical experience. The unique blend of creativity, storytelling, and community engagement exemplified by this extraordinary theater group continues to make a lasting impact on the vibrant arts scene of Palm Springs.

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Dezart Performs

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