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Desert Winds Freedom Band

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Desert Winds Freedom Band includes a symphonic, marching, jazz, and pep band. Comprised of talented musicians from all walks of life, this passionate ensemble has been enchanting audiences for years with their captivating performances and unwavering dedication to musical artistry.

They perform a Fall and Spring concert program and often a Holiday or May concert as well.

The Symphonic Band or Concert Band has grown to over 100 members. In 2001, it began with just 17 members. One of the hallmarks of the Band is their versatility. From traditional marches to contemporary arrangements, jazz to pop, their diverse repertoire keeps audiences captivated and engaged. The band’s commitment to exploring different genres reflects their artistic growth and passion for pushing boundaries, ensuring that their performances are always fresh and exciting.

Beyond their remarkable musical abilities, the Desert Winds Freedom Band actively participates in community events, spreading the love for music throughout Palm Springs and beyond. Their performances at local festivals, fundraisers, and charity events testify to their commitment to community service.

Desert Winds Jazz Band

The Jazz Band comprises 21 musicians who perform classic big band numbers and more contemporary jazz and swing. Local vocalists from the valley are often featured at the Jazz Band performance. The Desert Winds Freedom Band’s Jazz Band is a true testament to the artistry and versatility of its members. Comprising talented musicians from various backgrounds, ages, and skill levels, the Jazz Band showcases their passion for this distinct genre of music.

Desert Winds Freedom Band

Desert Winds Marching Band

Each year Desert Winds Freedom Band forms a marching band that looks forward to a prominent role in the Palm Springs Pride Parade, one of the most colorful and fun events of the fall season.

Desert Winds Freedom Band

Desert Winds Pep Band

​The Pep Band performs yearly at the Palm Springs AIDS Walk and other fundraisers or celebrations around the Coachella Valley, performing rousing marches and popular music. It is a spirited ensemble that brings an abundance of energy and excitement to various events and community celebrations. Renowned for their vibrant performances, the Pep Band creates an electrifying atmosphere wherever they go.

Desert Winds Freedom Band

Artistic Director Dean McDowell

Dean moved full-time from Columbus, Ohio, to the Coachella Valley in 2006.  The Desert Winds Freedom Band needed a permanent Artistic Director, and Dean was recruited for the position in 2007.  Under his seasoned leadership, the Band has grown into a highly esteemed, openly LGBT, and LGBT-friendly musical organization for the Coachella Valley.  Dean enjoys the challenge of bringing out the best of the Band’s volunteer musicians, and the audiences have responded in kind.  His priorities are designing future performances that continue to draw audiences, seeking greater visibility, and maintaining financial viability for the band.

Whether you’re into thought-provoking dramas, uplifting musicals, or soul-stirring choir performances, Palm Springs has something to offer every theater and music lover. So, make sure to check out these incredible live theaters and choirs during your visit to Palm Springs for a truly memorable cultural experience.

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