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Palm Springs is a world of color and meaning. Superbloom Studios is a hybrid art gallery, boutique, and brutalist industrial design lab that was created to uplift individuals by helping them discover ways to express themselves through color.

Superbloom Studios is a dynamic and innovative color company all about self expression. Every letter in SUPERBLOOM represents a color and a meaning:

S: Self Loving (Purple)
U: Unique (Orange)
P: Passionate (Red)
E: Equality (Hot Pink)
R: Reflecting (Yellow)
B: Bold (Aqua)
L: Loyal (Blue)
O: Offline (Green)
O: Optimistic (Blush)
M: Mysterious (Fog)

Superbloom Studios offers a variety of products, experiences, and services at the intersection of fashion, art, music, culture, wellness, and sustainability. They provide both digital and physical ecosystems for our circle of creators, thought-seekers, and innovators to collaborate, heal, learn and achieve extraordinary outcomes together.

This studio is committed to creating safe spaces that are inclusive and respectful of our diverse and globally located community.  They operate two creative work spaces in Palm Springs that are designed to host a variety of arts and culture programming. In addition, there are exhibitions residency programs, wellness classes, performances, fireside chats and more.

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