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Hats Unlimited Palm Springs

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Hats Unlimited Palm Springs offers an overwhelming variety of hat styles and different types ensure there is something for everyone. They have funny hats like Viking helmets, Carmen Miranda, or Egyptian pharaoh. They have seasonal hats like an Easter bonnet type hats.

Hats Unlimited Palm Springs carries sizes for the entire family, even for children and babies

sport hats (golf, hiking, surfing, sailing) Tilley’s are a favorite, men’s fedoras, fashion hats for women, trendy hats for teens and some western styles as well. At Hats Unlimited we can stretch a hat that has shrunk, send a gift hat across the country, and show you how to care for your hat properly.

Their major strength is choice. They usually carry close to 1,000 different styles of hats and try to maintain an inventory of approximately 10,000 hats in all our locations. Finding just the right hat, the one that fits, the color that matches, the competitive pricing based on quality and the ability to have a choice are what makes our store the one to go to.

If you are looking for just the right hat, and want to be sure of a good fit, color and reasonable price, our store is definitely the one for you.

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Hats Unlimited Palm Springs