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Gay Resort Roundup

santiago pool

Stay, Play, and Gay the Day Away in Palm Springs

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben (blush), and Palm Springs has gay resorts. It is our legacy, our heritage, our business… and business is booming, along with your heart. As you arrive in our exclusively inclusive community, you are welcomed into a Mecca of queerness.

Meccqueer, if you will.

Shed your inhibitions, shed your preconceptions, and you may even shed your swimsuit at many of these clothing-optional LGBTQ hotspots. Go au naurel and oh yaas! What other town with a population of 48,000 boasts over a dozen of the sexiest, sunniest, most stylish gaycation destinations on the planet?

While you ponder that rhetorical query, we’ll be in the pool. Join us…

Warm Sands

Let’s start at the pulsing nucleus of gay resort life and radiate outward, shall we? Warm Sands is just minutes from downtown and eons from the ordinary.

El Mirasol has always been a beacon of progressive permissiveness, leading the midcentury architectural craze with a structure built by Howard Hughes in the 1940’s. From there, it became a vanguard of liberation, welcoming wonderfully gay clientele as early as 1975.

The Hacienda puts the homo in homey, immersing its guests in seclusion and seduction. Get pampered by the attentive staff, unwind by the babbling fountain, and thrill to the signature serenity of its poolside suites. As with most of the LGBTQ accommodations in Warm Sands, The Hacienda is clothing-optional, so you can truly make yourself at home (hence the name).

The Hacienda at Warm Sands

To add some steam to your dream vacation, take in the view at Vista Grande. Their 16-man spa and 12-man steam room will get your pores pounding and release the tension of the real world outside the confines of Shangri-La. This is paradise, after all.

Speaking of which, jaunt down the road to Desert Paradise. Be sure to visit every room and take in the kitschy art that gives each abode its name. There are Madonna, Cher, and Barbra paintings, among others, exuding iconography with every brush stroke. Read more about this property and recent renovations..

What a fitting segue! All Worlds offers a playroom to get you hot, and four swimming pools to cool you off. But its scandalous allure can’t be contained to a mere four pools; the fun spilleth over to a sister property across the street. Nicknamed simply “The Annex,” this silky web lures willing victims into its man maze, designed for anonymous intimacy around every kinky corner.

To fraternize on the sunny side, check into INNdulge. Their happy hour attracts studs to sip, swim, and socialize in a nudist nirvana. All alliteration aside, the clientele is as friendly as the attentive staff, who roll out the clothing-optional carpet for a perfect Warm Sands experience.

Uptown Design District

Moving up the sundial, The Uptown Design District flanks downtown’s hip northern edge. Visitors can access fabulous vintage stores, dine on signature Palm Springs cuisine, and really get in touch with themselves at a gregarious gay resort.

Bearfoot Inn offers a fiercely furry hug of hospitality. The intimate enclave is draped in modernity, with clean, bold interiors and a frisky pool filled with men of all shapes and sizes.

Poolside seating
Bearfoot Inn

On the topic of size, Canyon Club sprawls across the street from Bearfoot, inviting naturists to sunbathe on the lawn and hunt for passionate prey in the wild hedge maze. If you prefer your intimate encounters served up dark, Canyon Club has a video playroom… and they ain’t screening The Nanny Diaries.

South Palm Springs

As your gaze trickles downward, check out the beefy accommodations on the south side of town. Santiago lets it all hang out with two-man hammocks undulating near the poolside shower. Their 23 rooms ensure privacy while the outdoor spaces encourage public affection. Choose your own adventure!

Tortuga Del Sol is a blast of caliente color, shimmering in vibrant red, pink, and green hues. The turtle mascot not only gives the resort its name, but it inspires guests to slow their pace and drink in the good life. Give ‘em shell!

Palm Springs is an equilateral monument to pride, community, and esteem. These three factors shape Triangle Inn, an architectural wonder designed by Hugh Kaptur in 1958. The swooping, angled rooftops draw the eye dramatically along its daring edges, and the hunky clientele luxuriating in the pool round out the eye candy of this midcentury marvel.

If all this hedonism is making your heart flutter, congratulations – it still works. But now it’s time to relax at La Dolce Vita. The name is Italian for “the sweet life” and one taste will make you agree: it just doesn’t get any sweeter than this. Their award-winning, in-house massage therapists create a palace of Zen. In fact, La Dolce Vita is the only spa in town dedicated exclusively to gay men. After your treatment, you must linger on the naturist grounds, melt into the jovial Jacuzzi, and cool off in one of the swimsuit-optional pools.

La Dolce Vita

The gay hotel landscape in Palm Springs is a dichotomy of decadence. You can simultaneously connect and disconnect; surround yourself with flirtation or float away into your own consciousness. Resort realization awaits. Get in and get out.

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