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Solstice by Kitty Bunny Farms


January 26, 2024    
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Solstice is a temporary painting installation at The Graffiti Yard (a constantly changing graffiti park, in downtown Palm Springs). The project consists of a mural depicting paw prints of kitties and bunnies on white walls which represent snow throughout the concrete structure. The piece is an evolving work of art, as people will be able to come and paint over it. This interactive process will transform the piece, representing the impact that humans have on nature in an effort to raise awareness about the human impact on the ecosystem. The installation appeared overnight and will slowly be consumed by other artists utilizing the original concept of the graffiti yard as a communal space. A biological community interacting with organisms in their physical environment. This is a selfie-friendly, auto destructive, interactive, and ever-evolving art installation. This exhibition will illustrate that life is ephemeral and encourage people to think about the daily interactions we have with one another and how we can leave a positive impact on each other.