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Jordan Slaffey

Ace Hotel & Swim Club


January 31, 2024    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Ace Hotel & Swim Club has partnered with No)one. Art House to co-curate a lineup of artists led by Chris Emile for Ace Hotel A!R Program. We are happy to welcome our third Artist is Residence, Jordan Slaffey.

Sadferociousjoy is a journey about taking action with forgiveness. The act of forgiving a lover, being forgiven by loved ones, and the struggle to tackle forgiveness at its hardest points in life. This journey is based on her own personal experiences dealing with forgiveness throughout my life. She hopes this piece can bring healing and light to every individual in the audience, whether or not they are willing to forgive, have already forgiven, or are still in the process of healing to reach that final point of forgiveness.

Catch her performance of Sadferociousjoy on January 31.