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Welcome Back

Room to Breathe, Room to Move, Rooms to Relax

You deserve a getaway, in every sense of the word. Leave the worries and weariness behind and escape the confines of your work-from-home reality. Palm Springs hotels are reopening their doors, providing you the best vacation destination without abandoning your commitment to safety and conscientiousness.

We put the “social” in “social distancing,” observing every vital precaution while embracing the need for community. Enjoy a piece of excitement with a healthy dash of peace-of-mind.

Keeping Everyone Safe While Visiting

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Vacation is synonymous with liberation, and nothing is more liberating than 360 degrees of pristine views and room to move. Palm Springs is an oasis of fun and freedom amidst the picturesque desert landscapes of the southwest. As you arrive, wave to the iconic windmills that flank us to the north. They’ll even wave back!

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Our festive downtown offers window-shopping galore with a side of open-air dining, drinking, and deliciousness. Patio patrons lounge at a respectful distance from each another as they feast on signature dishes and refreshing cocktail concoctions.

Just a stunning stone’s throw from our main drag, gaze up at the majestic San Jacinto mountains. Take a (day) hike and discover waterfalls, ancient rock wall art, and vibrant wildflowers. For a more urban excursion, rent a bike and explore our midcentury architecture. Marvel at the sweeping lines of our modern buildings that evoke futuristic design and retro flair, all in a simultaneous blast of brilliance. There truly is no landscape quite like Palm Springs.

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Our hometown is a tale of two cities. You can experience the unparalleled hospitality of our wonderful resort offerings or rent your own private mansion, decked out with seclusion and style. The hotels in Palm Springs exude modernity and amenities while the vacation homes allow you to chart your own path towards serenity.

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Whether you are traveling alone, with a partner, or with a family/friend entourage, every corner of town offers a different experience. Mingle with legends in the Movie Colony, let your pride flag fly in Warm Sands, or fall in love-love with the Historic Tennis Club district. No matter where you hang your sunhat, you will soon proclaim Palm Springs your home away from home.



Palm Springs was founded on a spirit of adventure and individualism. For as long as Hollywood has been the world’s dream factory, we have been its playground. Stars of the golden age shined brightly yet discreetly in the welcoming anonymity of Palm Springs, expressing their wild side in a laid back manner.

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Entertainers like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby infused laughter and levity into our soil. Crooners from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley raised their voices and elevated our perspectives. And legends like Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant still cast a welcome shadow over the sun-soaked vistas of Palm Springs.

As night falls, figurative stars give way to literal ones. The night sky teems with celestial life in the Inland Empire, dazzling visitors with unobstructed views of meteor showers and galactic gorgeousness. It’s all within reach and out of this world!

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Our happening hamlet is the ultimate road trip. Just two hours from Los Angeles, yet a quantum leap from the hustle bustle, Palm Springs gives everyone the celebrity treatment. Cavort without clamoring at a spacious restaurant or outdoor bar. Enjoy international cuisine at local prices. Be whoever you want to be without feeling tethered to expectations.

Palm Springs is reopening as only it can: respectfully, responsibly, and remarkably. We would be honored to welcome you back to the city we all love.

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