Uniquely Palm Springs: The Feels

monkey tree

By Kevin Perry

Stress takes a physical toll on the human body. Your muscles tense, your skin cracks, and your every cell aches with the desire to get away.

Welcome to your escape, Palm Springs style.

Our city provides a sensory rebirth, relaxing you from your very core to the tips of your well-pedicured toes. Dip them in an extravagant swimming pool, stretch them in a rejuvenating yoga session, and swaddle them in lush couture.

Men wearing Wil Stiles shirts

Begin your touch-tour with a trip to one of our superlative shopping destinations. Run your fingers through the bespoke fashions of Wil Stiles, transporting your epidermis to a silky nirvana of swirling color and endlessly touchable prints.

Caress the fringes of your edgy side with the leather, denim, studded aesthetic of V&G Collective, a palace of handbags, coats, and belts that embrace your wild side. To soften up, string a feather boa through your soul at Marianne of Palm Springs, an emporium of excess packed with vintage finds and a touch of magic.

Interior shot Crystal Fantasy

As your tactile shopping spree reaches its crescendo, honor it with a visit to Crystal Fantasy. This new age Mecca aligns your chakras and presents a playground of must-touch products like polished stones, bongo drums, and the crystals that give the store its liberating name.

Interior shot of suite at The Palm Springs Hotel

Now that you’ve been delivered to a higher celestial plane, look down at your accommodation options and descend into decadence. The Palm Springs Hotel juxtaposes space-age veneers with seductively comfortable bedding; the Stardust Hotel immerses your mortal coil in marvelous luxury; and Desert Hills elevates your PS experience to astounding new levels.

Exterior shot at the Sparrows Lodge

While you’re up there, soar to new heights of rustic refinement at Sparrows Lodge. Bask in the upscale glow of The Wesley. And get a new lease on the high life at Old Ranch Inn. When it comes to luxurious resort amenities, just remember La La La, as in La MaisonLa Serena, and La Dolce Vita. Maison offers European fineries like lavender sachets and gourmet coffee, Serena whisks guests away to a stylish Spanish siesta, and Vita is life – namely, a clothing optional spa resort that gets you back in touch with your most sensual senses.

Courtyard at Korakia Pensione

The combination of spa indulgence and haute accommodations is a Palm Springs hallmark. Go bananas at The Monkey Tree Hotel, meditate on the Zen-tastic wonders of Korakia Pensione, and warm up to the heated pool at East Canyon Hotel & Spa.

If you’re just here for the day, tiptoe to one of our non-hotel sensory escapades, like Spa BlendBeautiful Spa Massage, or Studio M. Give every inch of your frame a tactile tune-up with some help from Body SenseSalon 119The Face PlaceSpectrum Salon, and Lovely Nails.

For a more inward exertion, Om on over to Yoga Bliss. Feel the fibers of your flesh elongate in a symphony of optimum physicality as you touch the proverbial skies within. Ignite your sensory energy at Peace, Love, Yoga with a gong soundbath, a soothing vibration that elicits a ripple effect of relaxation across your pores. Deepen the audio/corporeal harmony with a Body Tune excursion. Their massage technique incorporates rhythmic sound therapies from the ancient world, bringing you to a whole new future of enlightenment.

When you’re ready to fuse your sense of touch with an experience that will challenge and delight all of your other higher functions, steal away to Escape Room Palm Springs. Decipher clues, unlock mysteries, and solve puzzles in a thrilling expedition to the outer reaches of your mind. Owner Mark Fruchtman explains, “When people get into the room and they’re in this unfamiliar situation, we call them ‘adult toddlers’ because they’re touching everything, handling everything… and trying to learn it as they go along.”

Pool at Tortuga Del Sol hotel

But perhaps the best way to reward your nerve endings is to simmer them in sinfully satisfying H2O. The pool scene in Palm Springs is unrivaled from the subdued elegance of 7 Springs to the playful exuberance of The Three Fifty. Rock a cabana with your closest friends at Hotel El Cid; make brand new friends at clothing-optional gay resort Tortuga del Sol; or immerse yourself in seclusion with a vacation rental from Dry Heat Resorts.

No matter where you dip your delicate features, Palm Springs is a revelation of tactile expression. Ensconce yourself in luxury, wash away the doldrums of everyday life, and touch the pinnacle of sensory transcendence. Feels good, doesn’t it?

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