Palm Springs Sustainability

Electric Vehicles and Charging

The City of Palm Springs has been pursuing installation of electric vehicle charging stations to make sure the City has a network ready for visitors and residents. In 2013 the City placed 34 stations around the City. In addition, we have an EVgo high-speed charging station located at the Visitors Center (2901 N Palm Canyon Drive). Additionally, charging units are being installed at private residences and around the community at a variety of businesses for clients and customers.

City of Palm Springs is preparing itself to be fully charge ready. See the map below of charging units now ready.

charging station addresses


Biking is a great way to help yourself and help the planet. Palm Springs has an extensive network of bike lanes and routes in and around the City to help you have a safe and enjoyable ride. There are also a number of bike racks scattered throughout the city.  Bike Map

bike palm springs

Below is a description of some of the different types of bike lanes you might see as you ride.

Class I – Bicycle Path provides a separated right of way for the exclusive use of bicycles and pedestrians, in which motorized vehicles are prohibited and crossings by pedestrians and automobiles are minimized.

Class II – Bicycle Lane is a paved, on-road bikeway that separates bicyclists from vehicle traffic by a striped lane dedicated for one-way bicycle travel.

Class III – Bicycle Route indicates a preferred route for bicycle travel that is shared with motor vehicles. It should follow roadways where traffic is relatively light and potential conflicts between bicycles and vehicles can be minimized. Bicycle routes must be indicated with signs. Street markings and traffic calming devices and barriers, which route vehicle traffic but allow bicycles to pass through, are also allowed as part of a Class III.


Food Ware and Single-use Plastic Waste Reduction Program

Plastics are having a huge impact on our environment. Every day, we hear more stories about how they are accumulating in our oceans and causing harm to animals and humans alike. The City of Palm Springs is launching an initiative to eliminate single-use plastics across the destination.

Effective January 1, 2022

Food vendor must use reusable items for on-site dining. If they offer condiments for on-site food consumption, those items must be provided in either reusable containers, bulk dispensers, or non-plastic packaging. Foodware Service Ware Ordinace 2022

Effective January 1, 2023

All disposable items must be made of fiber-based compostable material such as paper, sugarcane, bamboo, wood, etc.   Foodware Service Ware Ordinace 2023

Waste Management

keep calm and recycle

The City of Palm Springs is constantly working with Palm Springs Disposal Services to improve the way we manage materials to reach our goal of diverting over 90% of waste materials from landfills. Our waste diversion efforts reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and reduce our nation’s need to extract raw materials. Learn More

Recycling in Public Spaces

Organics Requirements

Starting January 1, 2022, this new law changes the existing requirements for multi-family residential complexes to require that you collect and appropriately manage food waste from residents in addition to green/landscape waste.   Learn More

Edible Food Recovery

Food recovery means collecting edible food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributing it to feed people in need. This is the highest and best use for food that would otherwise go to waste. Feeding hungry people through food recovery is the best use for surplus food and a vital way for California to conserve resources and reduce waste thrown in landfills. SB 1383 requires certain food businesses to donate the maximum amount of edible food they would otherwise dispose, to food recovery organizations.

The law phases food donors in under two tiers. The first tier is required to donate starting in 2022. The second tier is required to donate starting in 2024.

Sustainability food recovery

Desert Community Energy

The City of Palm Springs is enjoying the advantages of clean, carbon free power at competitive rates as active members of Desert Community Energy.  DCE is your community-based, locally controlled electricity provider serving Palm Springs.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and saving the planet, Palm Springs has chosen 100% Carbon Free power as the default option for our community.  The Carbon Free power sources include renewable sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal in addition to large hydroelectric (which is considered carbon free but not renewable).

Solar Strategy

solar panels

The City of Palm Springs was awarded a SolSmart Gold designation for our efforts to make it faster, easier, and more affordable to go solar! We are proud to be recognized as a national leader in advancing solar energy.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office, SolSmart recognizes cities and counties for cutting red tape and making solar more affordable and accessible for homes and businesses. We are committed to reducing solar energy costs at the local level and encouraging even more homes and businesses to use this clean, affordable energy source. The SolSmart Gold designation recognizes that we are “open for solar business,” helping to attract solar industry investment that generates economic development and jobs.

Palm Springs Sustainability and Recycling Details