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The Latsos Piano Duo

Palm Springs Cultural Center


October 22, 2023    
7:00 pm

Giorgi Latso and his wife Anna Fedorova Latso (The Latsos Piano Duo) are a musical treasure.

They have been praised by Los Angeles Weekly for their “brilliance and stylistic insight.” A member of the European press, upon hearing them wrote “…one thinks, not of two pianists at two pianos, but of twenty fingers at a double keyboard controlled by a single mind.”

The Latsos are a favorite among many concert organizers and promoters with the Asia Pacific Press, some of whom have called their performances “thrilling and flamboyant,” and the MTNA State Conference hails their “intelligence, liveliness and enormous charm.’’ They have developed a close relationship with the living American composer Joe Giarrusso, who created and dedicated some four-hand pieces especially for them. They have also arranged transcriptions for 2 pianos and four-hands from selected American movie scores by the celebrated composers such as John Williams, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, and John Sousa.

Sunday, October 22, 2023 • 7pm

Latsos Piano Duo