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Superstition Dinner

PS Underground


October 13, 2023    
7:00 pm

A quirky, Friday the 13th dinner
Friday the 13th of October – 7:00 pm

$129 + service fee and tax

Irrational as they might be, most of us have a superstition or two that we follow without hesitation. From knocking on wood, or throwing salt over your shoulder if you spill it, to never opening umbrellas indoors, or walking under ladders, superstitions can sometimes give meaning to the often random nature of luck. Whether you’re a skeptic or a true believer, our new show, SUPERSTITION is all about turning our uneasiness into sidesplitting comedy and proving (hopefully!) that there’s nothing to fear on this supposedly unlucky day of Friday the 13th!

Chef Dave is cooking up a secret four-course menu filled with quirky, superstition-inspired food. Please let us know about any dietary restrictions at the time of booking and our Culinary Team will gladly accommodate. And, it’s no conspiracy that our specialty cocktails, beer, and wine will be free-flowing through the evening!

SUPERSTITION is your chance to celebrate superstitions in the silliest way possible. Join us at the table for an evening of uproarious fun that proves there’s no bad luck that humor can’t conquer!