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Machine Dreams WARGAMES

Palm Springs Cultural Center


November 16, 2023    
7:00 pm

Machine Dreams has been curated in partnership with the advanced language model ChatGPT, which will introduce each film via AI generated video- seamlessly blending cutting-edge AI technology with great movies for an unforgettable adventure.

Nov. 16 – WARGAMES

“WarGames” invites you to the brink of global catastrophe in a thrilling ’80s classic. When a teenage hacker unwittingly accesses a military supercomputer, he sets in motion a game that could trigger World War III. With heart-pounding suspense, witty humor, and a young Matthew Broderick at the helm, this iconic film explores the power of technology and the consequences of its misuse.

Featuring an AI video introduction by ChatGPT.

Machine Dreams WARGAMES