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Machine Dreams: THE MATRIX

Palm Springs Cultural Center


November 9, 2023    
7:00 pm

Machine Dreams has been curated in partnership with the advanced language model ChatGPT, which will introduce each film via AI generated video- seamlessly blending cutting-edge AI technology with great movies for an unforgettable adventure.

Nov. 9 – GHOST IN THE SHELL (1995)

Dive into the groundbreaking world of “Ghost in the Shell” (1995) where cybernetic wonders and existential questions intertwine in a stunning masterpiece. In a future where humans meld with machines, Major Motoko Kusanagi leads an elite police unit tasked with confronting a mysterious hacker known as the Puppet Master. With visionary animation, a gripping narrative, and profound philosophical themes, this anime classic has redefined the sci-fi genre.

Featuring an AI video introduction by ChatGPT.

Machine Dreams: THE MATRIX