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Leo Marmol: First Light, Then Shadow

Palm Springs Art Museum

Oct 15, 2022 10:00 am
About Event

Join our new fall lecture series highlighting central figures in architecture and design. Leo Marmol, a trustee at Palm Springs Art Museum, will give a special morning talk as part of Modernism Week — October.

In conjunction with paintings presented in a group exhibition at Melissa Morgan Fine Art, architect Leo Marmol will deliver a lecture exploring the relationship between our abstract perception of color in art and architecture and our experience of being in the natural landscape.

Using the distinctive color palettes of the desert as a point of departure, Leo revisits the reason he first came to Palm Springs in 1992 to visit the Kaufmann House and his appreciation for the artistic and architectural legacy of the region to express his own color theory. What is it about this inhospitable, at times dangerous environment that attracts and supports such an immense array of color in all its natural and architectural forms?

Fascinated by the distinguishing hues that proliferate this arid wilderness as well as the ever-shifting textures and patterns carved out by the sun, Leo will use the paintings in this presentation to capture and explore the impact of desert color.

Leo Marmol: