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Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds

Oct 6, 2022 8:00 pm - 10/06/2022 11:00 PM
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On his new album, DRACULA BOOTS, the legendary Kid Congo Powers returns to the psychedelic jungle with a stripped down, no frills set of volcanic songs. Kid, the premier voodoo guitarist for seminal sexy swampy bands like Gun Club. Nick Cave and The Cramps is a restless aesthete.

He used his earlier solo efforts to explore vocals and mix genres. With DRACULA BOOTS, Kid comes back to his roots as a crackerjack guitarist playing the primitive music that inspired him; the raw sounds of garage and early Chicano rock. It only made sense to record such glittering gems as Thee Midniters “I Found A Peanut” and Bo Diddley’s Funky Fly in a high school gymnasium. He did this in a Midwest town called Harveyville with his nefarious Pink Monkey Birds.

Bassist Kiki Solis from El Paso,TX. and Drummer Ron Miller from Macon,Ga. provided the southern soul sauce needed to fuel the engine of the rhythm train. Recording on a stage using the old PA system created a natural reverb, summoning the magic of a bygone prom interrupted by a juvenile delinquent rumble.

The original songs on DRACULA BOOTS go from loud, fuzzy biker rock (Hitchhiking) to a greasy rump shaker groove (Bobo Boogie), from a scary movie soundtrack (La Llarona) to The Meters having an acid flashback (Black Santa). So sink your teeth into this hunk of wax and waste no time strapping on your DRACULA BOOTS. You will dance your way from the cradle to the grave, and beyond.