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Dirty Bingo-A very funny bingo brunch!

PS Underground

Nov 12, 2022 7:00 pm
About Event

There ain’t no brunch like it in Palm Springs, or anywhere for that matter. DIRTY BINGO is downright nasty. These wild and crazy characters who host DIRTY BINGO have no filter.

At DIRTY BINGO you are encouraged to become someone new. Dress a bit more flamboyantly, laugh a bit too hard, wave at someone you’ve never met who’s sitting across the room, swear profusely, and simply let the cares of the day wash away.

DIRTY BINGO is a bawdy, raunchy and unapologetically nasty Sunday brunch. The characters who host DIRTY BINGO aren’t drag performers but they are known to dress provocatively, tell off-color jokes, sing songs live with naughty lyrics, swear like sailors and sometimes be overtly offensive. It’s all in the name of fun, but if you are easily offended, don’t like to utter a few profanities, or are looking for a sweet, demure morning out, then DIRTY BINGO is not the brunch for you.

Chef Dave is whipping up a fantastic three course comfort food paper plate feast to go with the antics at DIRTY BINGO. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and we will be glad to accommodate. Dining will be at communal tables so you will get to know people who were strangers when they sat next to you, but will soon be awesome friends.

The bubbly, mimosas and Bloody Marys will be free-flowing along with the smut people will come to expect at DIRTY BINGO.

Join us at DIRTY BINGO and be prepared for anything. If you are willing to take the risk, you won’t be disappointed. You will laugh until your sides split or be completely offended throughout. It is one wild, raunchy culinary ride.